Our Guarantee

Private Tutors Recommended by 95% of Past Clients

Tutor Doctor is committed to every family’s total satisfaction. Our
goal is to help each student become the competent and confident learner
we know they can be. Our approach depends on more than high marks—it
depends on our pupils enjoying their tutoring sessions with a tutor who
was handpicked for them. We match our tutors to their students based on
learning style and personality after conducting a comprehensive assessment
of your students’ academic needs.

Our guarantee stipulates that if you or your child does not like your tutor,
we will happily change your assigned tutor to find a better match. If
you are still not satisfied, we will refund any unused tutoring hours
you have within 60 days of purchase.

Similarly, our Tutor Match Guarantee guarantees that you can change your tutor at any time you like. Our tutor-student
relationship is central to our work as private tutors and to our students’
success. Due to our approach, 95% of our clients say that they would recommend
us to someone else!

Dedicated to the Education of Every Student

With over 200,000 students helped worldwide, Tutor Doctor knows how to
address your child’s unique academic needs. We have robust hiring
practises, choosing only the most qualified instructors for our staff.
Each of our tutors are DBS-checked, ensuring their trustworthiness and
your peace of mind regarding your child’s safety.