Safe Guarding

We offer a level of safety and assurance to our customers that is unrivalled. Tutor Doctor fully understand that children’s safety and security come first. We have developed the following policy to which our offices in Australia adhere to ensure we deliver the service that our customers expect and the reassurance they need:

  1. We interview our Tutors face-to-face. We want to know them and like them before we contemplate using them! The time we take to get to know our tutors is time well spent. Our job is to understand what drives them and what they can do for our students. Understanding the aspirations and needs of our students as well as the qualities and abilities of tutors creates the perfect ‘magic match’.
  2. We carry out suitability and background checks on all Tutors, including academic & personal references. All Tutors are required to have an up to date ‘working with children’ check according to our policy.
  3. All staff and Tutors have signed Independent Service Agreements with Tutor Doctor, agreeing to adhere to the Tutor Doctor code of conduct.