Benefits of Becoming a Tutor


Tutoring is more than just a job. By helping young people to fulfil their potential, tutors make a real difference in students’ lives.

One of the greatest benefits of being a tutor is the opportunity to work closely with individual students. This one-to-one attention, away from the noise and pressure of the classroom, is invaluable for deep learning and retention of knowledge, allowing tutors to make significant progress with students.

Here are five other compelling reasons to become a tutor:

  1. Income. Tutoring is an excellent source of income for those who are retired, studying or working full-time or part-time. Many university students choose to supplement their income through tutoring because it’s easier to fit around their schedules than other part-time jobs. Whether you’re looking to earn some extra pocket money by working a few hours a week, or want to establish a full-time career in this field, tutoring is a great way to generate an income.
  2. Flexibility. There are few jobs around that allow you to set your own hours, but tutoring is one of the rare roles where you can choose how much or how little you want to work. Hours are not set in stone, and dates and times are negotiable. Most tutoring sessions take place after school or on weekends, allowing for part-time and full-time employees to take on tutoring work. Technology has made tutoring even more flexible because now tutors and students can connect online.
  3. Job Satisfaction. Seeing a student achieve their goals and develop confidence in themselves is one of the most satisfying aspects of being a tutor. It’s not simply a matter of imparting knowledge to students, but of identifying learning problems and assisting students to overcome barriers. This might involve helping them to become more organised or discussing techniques to aid concentration. The role of a tutor is multifaceted, requiring a wide range of interpersonal and communication skills. The strong professional relationship that often develops between students and tutors is very rewarding for both parties.
  4. Subject Knowledge. It’s well known that one of the best ways to reinforce learning is to teach someone else. Those who tutor in a subject they are also studying enhances their knowledge each time they tutor, so in a sense they are getting paid to study! People who have in depth knowledge they don’t use in their current job find that tutoring is an ideal way to maintain their subject knowledge and keep up to date with new developments.
  5. Career Skills. Tutoring provides a wonderful introduction to teaching for those who plan to work in education. The strong interpersonal and organisational skills required for this job are also essential for a wide range of careers outside education, meaning that tutoring is an excellent addition to any resume.

At Tutor Doctor we recognise that tutoring is a not an average job. That’s why we take the time to match each student with the right tutor for his or her needs, ensuring that every tutoring partnership is productive and rewarding.