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  • Tutoring Franchise Values

    Our Mission and Values

    img_values_posterAt Tutor Doctor, our company values are core to everything that we do. That is why every franchisee, team member and tutor is provided with the short for our values, our values manifesto. You can also see the fully written values below.

    Our People: We believe in the unlimited potential of the individual and the unstoppable power of a team united behind an idea whose time has come. We strive to foster relationships of mutual respect and integrity with our staff and tutoring franchisees, and we value the strengths and contributions of every individual.

    Education and Personal Growth: We approach the world with a determined curiosity, not just looking for new answers but also for new questions. We believe that to continually improve our performance and our results, we must continue to grow personally and professionally. We continually examine ourselves to identify new tutoring franchise opportunities for improvement and growth.

    Commitment to Innovation: We strive to continually see things not just as they are, but rather as they can be. As an education franchise, we believe that, as leaders and trailblazers in a rapidly developing industry, we must continue to reinvent ourselves. We believe that it is better to test new ideas and sometimes fail than it is to rely on old ideas. We know that the well-trodden path leads only to the past and not the future.

    Work Ethic: We believe that no great vision has been achieved without great effort, contribution and commitment. We thrive on the energy that is created when an aligned team works together to accomplish a revolutionary vision.

    Entrepreneurship: We believe that business profitability is the lifeblood of our operations and that of our stakeholders. Each member of our team is committed to adding value and profitability to all of our stakeholders through embracing the spirit of entrepreneurship. We encourage our team members to “run it like they own it” while fostering new areas of cost reduction, revenue growth and business efficiency.

    Accountability: We believe that success in business and in life can only come through a willingness to take personal and organizational accountability. We understand that the blame-game cycle of victim-hood only leads to sub-optimal results. We support each other in our quest to live our lives and conduct our business “above the line,” taking ownership for overcoming our obstacles and getting results.

    Making a Difference: We believe that our success should be measured not just by whether we made a profit but also by whether we made a difference. From changing the lives of students and their families through the impact of our tutoring franchise services, to changing the lives of the less fortunate through our outreach program, we believe that each committed person within one committed company can truly make a difference.

    Our Mission

    “Through our international network of associates, Tutor Doctor serves as an educational catalyst, delivering academic performance, greater self esteem and impacting the lives of tens of thousands of children and students around the world.”

    Core Belief: Everyone can learn.