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    Our Tutors

    At Tutor Doctor we understand that the magic ingredient to your student’s success is finding the right tutor. It’s not enough to find candidates with the right qualifications; our tutors must have a passion for what they do.


    What does it take to be a Tutor Doctor tutor?

    We have instituted a rigorous multi-step recruitment process. Each recruit must undergo a criminal background and reference check, and several interviews and tests before being accepted. Tutors are trained to offer the most comprehensive help to our students possible. They have a range of resources to draw from as well as support from their tutoring franchisee and the home office.

    What makes our tutors different?

    As one of the Premium Tutoring Franchise, we provide a bunch of highly qualified and experienced tutors to deal with children.

    • They’re passionate: Above all else our tutors care about education and the students they help. For us, caring and compassion is as important as academic achievement.
    • They’re collaborative: Our tutors work with teachers, parents, staff and students and keep the lines of communication open to best facilitate your child’s changing needs.
    • They’re consistent: Our tutors are reliable and come to you at a time that best suits your family.
    • They’re tried and tested: Our multi-step recruitment process ensures that you get the best and our continuing support means that our tutors are always getting better.