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  • Tutoring Franchise FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need any background in education to succeed as a Tutor Doctor franchisee?

    Specific experience in education or tutoring is not required. The Tutor Doctor system leverages the best of what franchising is all about: duplicating the success of others through a proven turnkey system. We provide you the tools, training, technology and ongoing support to be successful in this business. You bring a willingness to follow our proven systems.

    This is an excellent opportunity for enterprising individuals. The ideal consultant candidate is a self-starter, an innovator, an effective problem solver who possesses strong interpersonal skills and, above all, someone who enjoys helping others and making a difference.

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    Do I need an office?

    Not unless you want to! While some franchisees operate their business from a small office, the ability to keep business overheads low is one of the many reasons for the high profitability of Tutor Doctor’s in-home tutoring business model.

    Most of the consultations are done in the home of our potential clients, and our unique technologies allow you to run the management aspects of your business from the comfort of your own home with just a phone and a computer.

    Keep most of your nest egg intact, rather than spending it on a brick and mortar location, inventory, or employees. Our in-home tutoring franchise model gives you the freedom to work from home.

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    What can I earn from Tutor Doctor?

    Great question! You’re thinking of investing in an education franchise, so naturally you want to know how much your wallet is going to grow!

    The short answer? Returns are dependent. We know, we know. We’d love to give you a definite number, but we don’t want to mislead you or give you the wrong idea.

    So. To be fair to you, what we can tell you is this: The Tutor Doctor approach is so powerful, franchisees close most consultations and enjoy profitable sales with each contract. Engage in Discovery Process and find out all the juicy details of what is involved in the economics of Tutor Doctor franchise.

    Here’s the why: Tutor Doctor’s franchisees are constantly innovating and expanding on our in-home tutoring approach. Yes, we go one-on-one in in-home tutoring sessions. But, we’ve also started offering adult education tutoring, virtual tutoring, and more, so that we can reach as many students in the market as we can.

    That “four-minute mile”? We’re consistently breaking it. That’s what makes our tutoring franchise successful (and an exciting education franchise to be a part of, if we do say so ourselves!).

    See, our business model boils down to marketing, consultations, tutor recruitment, and customer satisfaction. And during our Discovery Process, we’ll talk about the numbers that matter in each of those categories in detail to help you completely grasp the earning potential of owning one of our in-home tutoring franchises.

    Every franchisee is different. Every market is different. So nailing the perfect answer for “How much can I expect to get back from my investment?” is the question of the day, but… 

    One thing we can tell you? Talk to other franchisees and see what return they’re seeing on their franchises. We’ll let their success speak for itself.

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    Does Tutor Doctor provide assistance with the start-up of the new franchise?

    Yes. Tutor Doctor is committed to the success of each and every one of its tutoring franchisees. In addition to the comprehensive pre-training and training offered, you’ll participate in a 12-week “jump start” coaching program as you start your business.

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    Is the territory I receive exclusive to my franchise?

    Tutor Doctor will only allow one operating franchisee in each local territory. Your territory is defined by geographic boundaries and usually ranges from 75,000–100,000 in population size.

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    Is it difficult to find appropriate tutors?

    Tutoring is a popular choice for permanent part-time work by teachers and university students and Tutor Doctor has developed an effective system for recruiting these potential tutors. Just as each market has many teachers, each market has a great supply of potential tutors.

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    How do I generate my leads?

    We have several highly effective lead generation programs the franchisee can deploy in their local markets. We also have lead generation partners that can provide you with a steady flow of internet leads that have been generated utilising advanced internet technologies.

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    How do the royalties work with Tutor Doctor?

    Franchisees pay Tutor Doctor an 8% royalty on their gross sales as well as a 2% national marketing and branding fee. This is where Tutor Doctor earns its ultimate profits so it is in the best interest of the company to maximize the success of its franchisees in order to maximize its own success.

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    How does Tutor Doctor continue to evolve its business?

    The Tutor Doctor management team is made up of seasoned business leaders with extensive tutoring and franchise industry experience. But Tutor Doctor recognises that, like most great franchise companies, our best ideas will often come from our franchisees. We encourage our education franchisees to contribute to the growth and evolution of the Tutor Doctor system through joining a Thought Leadership Committee (TLC) that aligns best with their interests, while some of our existing TLCs contribute in the areas of technology, marketing, training and tutor recruitment.

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    What kind of ongoing support can I expect?

    You’ll receive ongoing business support from our experienced staff, whose extensive training will minimize costly startup mistakes. As a Tutor Doctor franchisee, you also receive ongoing access to our continually updated systems, tools and technologies that maximize the profitability of your business.