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    How Big is the Private Tutoring Market in Australia?

    Australia holds limitless potential for Tutor Doctor and our private, in-home tutoring franchise model

    Australia is the prime market for Tutor Doctor’s next phase of global expansion! After expanding aggressively throughout North America, the United Kingdom and the rest of the world, Australia has emerged as the next market of Tutor Doctor’s focus.  A key ingredient we look for when determining if a country is ready for Tutor Doctor and the professionalisation of private tutoring is consumer spending and demand. Our analysis is detailed in a white paper you will receive by CLICKING HERE. However, below are some highlights that our market study identified regarding the opportunity in Australia.


    Why Tutor Doctor is thriving in Australia:

    • Australia’s billion dollar home tutoring industry is growing at a fast rate, with supply unable to keep up with demand in many areas.
    • Spending on education is now one of the top 15 expenditure items for Australian families, increasing in recent years by almost 80% for preschool and primary years, and 101% for secondary.
    • 1 in 4 students in Australia are receiving supplementary private tutoring every year at a rate of $60-$90 per hour for some subjects.


    A unique opportunity in the education industry

    Currently, Tutor Doctor is the only company of its kind in Australia. Tutor Doctor is the only company that can deliver high quality tutors who are individually matched to a student’s unique needs…all at an affordable price…all within a business model that delivers healthy profit margins to franchisees. The rapid growth from the first few Tutor Doctor franchises who have opened is extremely exciting! In our early expansion within Australia, we are seeing some of the fastest growth rates in franchises ever.


    Tutor Doctor solves a very unique and compelling need

    Tutor Doctor meets a very unique and compelling need and that need is to help students achieve their academic goals through an individualised approach. Whether from a remedial or enrichment perspective, Tutor Doctor and its team of education consultants and tutors develop and execute a game plan that helps children achieve academic success. Because Tutor Doctor works exclusively one-to-one, we are able to help students find their own ways to connect with content and material they are learning in the classroom. Our ability to meet the needs of students and parents is vast and limitless. Parents become quick believers in Tutor Doctor after a short while as they watch their children become more confident and successful individuals. It’s a powerful service that is enabled by powerful business model.