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  • How Much Money Can I Make?

    Private tutoring = An enormous market

    Parents in Australia are spending more and more money on their children’s education yet the solutions are all so limited. Tutor Doctor’s exceptional service providing professional tutors who are matched to a student’s unique needs and who work one-to-one with the student, is a solution parents are looking for. Our market research, which you can review in our white paper CLICK HERE, indicates that the Australian market is ready for Tutor Doctor and its professionalisation of private tutoring. We estimate the market potential to be well over $1 billion and we’re just getting started. Early success by pioneering franchisees across Australia is extremely encouraging.


    A life changing investment

    Investing in and opening a Tutor Doctor franchise is life changing experience. So many people have achieved success beyond their wildest dreams with a Tutor Doctor franchise. While the Tutor Doctor franchise model offers a number of fulfilling elements including the satisfaction of making difference in children’s and parent’s lives and day-to-day flexibility that enables franchisees to spend more time with their families and have more time during the day to do what they want to do, the business model offers a tremendous financial opportunity as well.


    Low overhead, high margin franchise model

    The Tutor Doctor business model has been carefully constructed and intentionally designed to maximize profit margins by eliminating costly expenses such as a brick and mortar location, a large staff of people and other expensive operating costs that can diminish profit margins. Tutor Doctor’s home-based business model is enabled by its proprietary internet-based operation system called the Big Apple that streamlines key aspects of the business and provides franchises with a tool that allows them to manage their business from anywhere. The Big Apple is also a key factor in maximizing profit margins. Coupled with a proven marketing and lead generation strategy that generates customers quickly and a sophisticated recruiting system that recruits high quality tutors, Tutor Doctor’s low overhead, high margin business model helps franchisees achieve their financial goals.


    Next steps

    During the Discovery Process, a Tutor Doctor Franchise Development Director will share more aspects of the Tutor Doctor economic model and will provide more insight into the typical profit margins, return on investment and other economic details. To get connected with a Tutor Doctor Franchise Development Director, complete the web form and someone will be in contact immediately.