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  • The Benefits of Low-Investment Franchises


    pic by Steve Wilson

    Are you a budding entrepreneur with a lot of get-up-and-go but no money to fuel your dreams? If you’ve ever thought that you could run a company better than your boss, you’re probably right! The trouble is that many brilliant business men and women are stuck working for others because they just don’t have the money to start their own businesses. Luckily, there are a number of low-investment franchise options that allow you to go into business by yourself and let our true potential shine.

    What to look for

    When searching for appropriate low-investment franchises, always do your homework. Ensure that the franchise opportunity is well established and that the company has a stellar reputation. Search online for other franchisees and ask them about their experience in the industry; you’ll find most people are happy to give advice.

    Be sure to find a franchise chain that offers very comprehensive training and support for its new business owners. Owning your own business means you have to manage every aspect of that business from finances to marketing. When you have a home office that does marketing and offers training that is comprehensive and effective, you have a far greater chance of success.

    Low overheads

    If a franchise opportunity has a low initial investment and very high monthly overheads, you will have no room for error. Each new entrepreneur makes mistakes and takes a while to find their feet. Don’t commit to an industry where you’ll be racking up huge debts until your franchise turns a profit; you may find you have to shut it down before you even have a chance to get on your feet.

    Opt for a low-investment franchise with low overheads so you can go into business for yourself sooner. This will mean you won’t get yourself into debt before you are turning a profit. Choose a franchise that allows you to work from home. The benefit is that you have no overheads, you can better balance your work and home life and you just can’t beat the commute!

    A bright future

    When selecting the industry you wish to invest in, be sure that it’s a growing sector. The private tutoring industry is booming; with government spending less and less on education and the job market becoming increasingly competitive, parents have to invest their own money in their child’s education.

    Forbes Magazine predicts the one-on-one tutoring industry will surpass $102.8 billion by 2018, so you know it’s a great industry to invest in. Choose industries that show consistent growth rather than taking a gamble on an emerging trend. This way you can ensure your future growth and profitability.

    Freedom to follow your dreams

    The freedom of owning your own business gives you the opportunity to finally live your lifestyle of choice. You can live and work on your own terms. When you work for yourself, you can implement all your own ideas and allow yourself to reach your full potential. You can grow and branch out as experience and success allow you to stretch your wings. You don’t have to be a millionaire to start you own business; find a low-investment franchise that suits you and start working for yourself.