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As a result, some students who excel in one area of science may struggle in another area. That’s why we provide tutors who specialise in every area. No matter what obstacles your child faces, we have the skill, experience, and training to ensure their marks improve—and quickly!

The science subjects our tutors cover include, but are not limited to:
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Anatomy
  • Computer Science
  • Environmental Science

15 Years of Experience & Quality

When children have struggles in their science lessons, the most powerful resource for them is tutoring. At Tutor Doctor, we offer effective and professional in-home tutoring programmes that are backed by a record of more than 200,000 students helped. Our tutors are carefully matched to each student to ensure that your child enjoys tutoring and learns better as a result! If your child needs science tutoring that actually helps, call us today!

The Difficulty of Science in School

Science is a diverse and significant part of a student’s education.

Children usually begin studying basic scientific principles in primary school and continue studying science until senior secondary school. Having a tutor is particularly crucial for science because much of science requires processing large amounts of information and effectively retaining it.

Every year covers a different area of science, sometimes without any overlap in knowledge. For example, different levels of maths build on each other, reinforcing skills and knowledge as a student grows. In contrast, biology and physics do not build on each other, so students essentially start from scratch every year. With no opportunity for building on their knowledge, they jump into new areas of science with no preparation or prior knowledge available to them.

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When you call Tutor Doctor, our team conducts a careful and precise needs assessment for your student. We not only address your child’s academic needs, but personal ones as well. We ensure that our tutor is a good match for your child’s personality, so he or she enjoys tutoring sessions. We hold all sessions in the comfort of your home, so your child can learn confidently in the safety of a familiar environment—while providing extra convenience for your schedule.

Your child does not have to face tough material alone—tutoring can give them the confidence and knowledge they need to succeed!

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