10 Ways for Families to Celebrate Book Week

10 Ways for Families to Celebrate Book Week

Book Week runs from August 21 – 27 and the theme this year is Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds. The aim is to help children experience reading as a magical portal to different and wonderful worlds. 

While lockdown in some areas puts a limit on parades and other in-person activities, there are many things you can do to celebrate book week as a family.

1. Read books together 

The single best thing you can do with your child to enhance their literacy skills is read together. Even older kids might enjoy spending quality time reading as a family. If your child prefers to read on their own, choose a book to read and discuss it when you’ve finished.

2. Create character profiles 

Together with your child create character profiles based on their favourite book. You can find many free templates online which require kids to think about a character’s backstory and motivations. Ask your child to find pictures of what they think the characters and settings look like. 

3. Listen to audiobooks 

Audio books are an excellent way to instil a love of literature in kids. This is an ideal way to expose them to books they might not read on their own. Reading along with the narrator is very helpful for students who struggle with literacy

4. Borrow some e-books

If you haven’t yet introduced your child to e-books, now is the perfect time to do so. Most libraries offer e-books, which can be read on phones, tablets and computers. This is a good way to encourage reading in tech-savvy kids who love using devices.

5. Enjoy an author podcast 

There are many informative and entertaining author podcasts available online. Find an author your child enjoys and listen together. Hearing authors talk about the craft of writing is very enriching for kids.

6. Create a special book nook

Help your child feel excited about reading by creating a book nook. You don’t need a lot of space. Just a corner with a comfy chair and some colourful cushions and rugs will create an inspiring place where your child can go to be transported to other worlds. 

7. Write a story together 

Kids love making up stories and it’s even more enjoyable when parents and siblings get involved. ‘Pass the story’ is an old favourite. This involves one person starting the story and then passing it along to the next person to continue until the story is finished. 

8. Dress as a character 

You don’t need an expensive costume to get into the spirit of book week. You can make your own at home. Ask your child to choose a character and then get creative with what you can find around the house. 

9. Have fun with book-based crafts 

Costumes aren’t the only thing you can create, based on a book. Find a key object from the story that you can make at home. For example, teacher Heidi Overbye got her students to create magic wands after reading ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson. 

10. Make your own movie

It’s easy to film your own movie on a smartphone, and kids will relish the experience. You can base it on a favourite book or come up with your own story. Use the opportunity to teach kids about the basics of scriptwriting, camera angles and special effects.