X Skills – Is your child smart but having difficulty concentrating?

Academic knowledge and academic discipline equals academic success.

At Tutor Doctor we help your student develop the expertise and skills that are key to their future success in life.

This additional focus includes skills such as planning and organisation, follow-through, action and sustained effort. All of these skills fall into a category known as Executive Functions which are required to execute tasks independently.

Our tutors completely understand the frustrations and difficulties involved in not having academic discipline and will work on building the necessary skills in your student, whilst reinforcing their classroom learning.

Tutor Doctor has helped over 200,000 students and is dedicated to enhancing your student’s academic knowledge and helping them become an academic champion for life. Our tutors come from a variety of backgrounds and skill sets, are all highly trained and will insure that your students’ skills and understanding grows. Tutor Doctor offers a variety of tutoring services at varying experience and levels.

Your Strategic Guide To:

  • Time Management
  • Organisation
  • Prioritisation
  • Task Initiation
  • Focused Attention
  • Working Memory
  • Goal-Directed Persistence
  • Execute tasks independently.
  • Sustain high performance
  • Become an academic champion!

Over the last 15 years, Tutor Doctor has helped more than 200,000 people succeed in their academic pursuits. A major component of this success is tied to the support we provide with our X-Skills Game Plan. The Game Plan is particularly important for junior and senior secondary school students who often undermine their own academic success simply because of X-Skills deficits.

Why Develop X-Skills Early On?
When your child begins to practice habits early on, they are retained and strengthened throughout the process.
When the brain is learning in adolescence, these skills are much more likely to remain a solidified habit that will last a lifetime!
This means your child will be equipped to excel in all areas, not just academic pursuits.

Experience the Tutor Doctor difference by calling us to set up an initial consultation. We look forward to helping your child develop executive skills!

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