10 Ways to Show Appreciation on World Teachers’ Day

10 Ways to Show Appreciation

World Teachers’ Day in Australia this year falls on October 27th. It’s celebrated slightly later in Australia as the international date falls in term three of the school holidays.

World Teachers’ Day is a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge the vital role that teachers play in children’s lives. Teachers are called to take on many roles, including educator, mentor, counsellor and cheerleader. They work very hard to give students the best education possible and to nurture social and emotional development.

Here are some simple ways parents and kids can show their appreciation this World Teachers’ Day.

Make a card

A handmade card is a simple and heartfelt gift that teachers will love. Include a thoughtful note or a poem to make it extra special. Anything that showcases a student’s creativity is bound to be a winner.

Design a poster

A poster is another simple and effective way to say thank you to teachers. Children can make this themselves and include images and inspiring messages. The poster can be displayed in the classroom or around the school where teachers can see it.

Buy a gift

Gifts don’t have to be expensive. Something thoughtful like a candle, a plant or a bookmark can make teachers feel very appreciated. Why not ask the whole class to contribute a small amount and buy a gift voucher for a nice meal or spa treatment?

Take a photo

Teachers cherish their students, and a framed photo of the class is a great way of showing you care. This photo can be more relaxed than the formal school photo, providing a lovely keepsake for teachers.

Use social media

One easy and effective way parents can contribute to World Teachers Day is by commenting, tagging and sharing supportive content on social media. Use the hashtag #WorldTeachersDayAU to join the conversation on Twitter.

Give a speech

Many schools acknowledge World Teachers’ Day at their assembly. Children can show appreciation by volunteering to give a speech thanking teachers for all that they do. Public acknowledgement from students means a lot to teachers.

Create a Powerpoint

Some kids might baulk at giving a speech, but jump at the chance to create a Powerpoint presentation. This can incorporate music, images and special effects to express their appreciation. A Powerpoint presentation can be played for a whole assembly, in the classroom, or be a private gift for a loved teacher.

Wear a badge

Badges are available online with inspiring and appreciative messages for teachers. Why not buy some for your family, or get your child to make one to wear on World Teachers’ Day? This is a very visible and cost-effective way to show support for educators.

Throw a party

With the help of some adults, kids can throw a surprise party for their teacher. All that’s required is snacks, some decorations and a bit of organisation. This is a really fun way of showing teachers you care.

Do your best

Teachers want nothing more than to see their students succeed. The single best way to acknowledge their hard work and commitment is for students to try their hardest and never give up, even when things get tough.

Celebrate World Teachers’ Day this year to show your appreciation!