6 Educational Youtube Channels for Primary Students

Primary school tutors understand that Youtube is a wonderful teaching tool when used correctly. It is particularly engaging for visual and auditory learners. 

While Youtube is now used regularly in the classroom, there are also many excellent channels kids can watch at home to enhance learning. 

Students who watch educational videos in their spare time are more likely to see learning as an enjoyable pursuit rather than a boring task. This is the best way to create lifelong learners.

When finding videos for kids it’s very important to check the sources and make sure the information is accurate and child-friendly.

Here are 6 quality Youtube channels primary students will enjoy.


TED-Ed seeks to extend the mission of TED to kids by creating and sharing lessons which answer burning questions and help children to think more deeply. Topics are carefully chosen and the high-quality videos are produced in collaboration with educators and professional animators. Some recent subjects include how the Panama canal was built and how wind turbines work. There are also videos on how to improve critical thinking skills and become a good public speaker.

Horrible Histories 

Horrible Histories is a TV series made in Britain and available on Youtube, which is designed to appeal to children aged from six to 12 years. The videos cover fascinating people and events from history, as well as other quirky topics. The catchy tunes and irreverent tone are very appealing for kids and adults alike. Kids will have such a good time they won’t even realise they’re learning historical facts!

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids explores all the wonderful and wacky things about nature and science. Videos feature animals in the wild, funny pets and weird scientific facts. Topics are so varied that there’s something here to appeal to all kids. This channel encourages children to be curious and fascinated with the world around them. 

Storyline Online

Storyline Online features professional actors reading children’s picture books. The channel is aimed at kids from kindergarten to year four. The goal is to encourage compassion, friendship, inclusion and tolerance. Stories are chosen for their positive messages. This is a wonderful way to encourage literacy skills and help kids develop a passion for books. 

Crash Course Kids

Although no longer making videos, Crash Course Kids is an excellent resource for videos about primary school-level science. Host Sabrina Cruz looks at topics ranging from natural habitats, engineering, space, chemical reactions and much more. The channel covers diverse subjects in a fun way kids can understand. 

Mr DeMaio

American educator Mr DeMaio has created a wide range of fun videos to get kids excited about learning.  Topics range from multiplication tables, to historical figures and the solar system. These videos are best suited to older primary students who will love the humour and variety of subjects. What child could resist a video about the weirdest haunted house in the world?

These quality Youtube channels will keep kids entertained while they learn.