6 Ways to Celebrate Book Week and Encourage Reading

Celebrate Book Week and Encourage Reading

Celebrate Book Week and Encourage Reading

It’s Book Week in Australia from 17th – 23rd August 2019, and the theme this year is Reading is My Secret Power. The purpose of Book Week is to foster a love of reading in kids and to celebrate children’s literature. So, in summary, it´s about to celebrate Book Week and Encourage Reading. By the way, a good way to encourage reading in children is from primary school so we recommend you think of primary school tutoring for your child

Schools and libraries all over the country will be observing Book Week by holding a range of events and activities to focus attention on reading. There are also many things parents can do to make sure kids get the most out of this week. 

These ideas will help your family get into the spirit of Book Week:

  • Design a Costume Together

Schools often hold Book Week parades where children are asked to dress up as their favourite fictional characters. This is a lot of fun and helps bring kids most cherished books to life. To help your child appreciate the power of imagination and creativity, spend time together designing a costume and discussing books. 

  • Create a Book Nook

A special chair or place in the house where kids can read will help them see this activity as a relaxing pastime. Make the area appealing with soft cushions, colourful artworks and a bookshelf full of enticing works of fiction and non-fiction. You want them to return here time and again to be challenged, stimulated and transported to other worlds. 

  • Illustrate a Book Cover 

Encourage your child to engage with a loved book by designing a new cover for it and creating illustrations. This will help them to think more deeply about the plot and characters. Drawing and colouring help boost creativity and allow kids to explore their imaginations. 

  • Read and Write Fan Fiction 

Fan fiction has sprung up in the digital age as a way for people to express their love for books and characters. It allows fans to connect with other enthusiasts and immerse themselves in fictional worlds. By introducing your child to quality fan fiction online, you will help them understand that reading is not a passive activity and they too can be creators. 

  • Attend an Author Talk

Find out about book readings and author talks in your area. Hearing an author read aloud from their work and talk about the writing process is educational and inspiring for kids. They can ask questions and learn more about the art of storytelling.

  • Visit the Library 

The simple activity of visiting the library is very enriching for kids, so if you do nothing else during Book Week, make the effort to take your child to the local library, a street library or book exchange where they can choose their own books and get excited about reading. 

These activities will help your child enjoy book week, but the best way to ensure kids grow up with a love reading is by encouraging them to read at home all year round.