A Guide for Students on Juggling School and a Part-time Job

Studying and working part-time can be a challenge

Studying and working part-time can be a challenge. Many students find their grades begin to slip or they fall behind on assignments when they’re juggling multiple responsibilities. Often, they are advised to give up their job because school is more important.

While good grades obviously matter, working while you’re at school also has many benefits. A part-time job looks great on your resume and gives you vital work experience. It imparts valuable skills and shows that you’re capable of managing your time.

Follow these tips to maintain your grades while working part-time.

Create a Realistic Schedule

To succeed in your job and at school you need to be realistic with your time. Don’t put your name down for too many shifts or volunteer to work when you have assignments due. This is how you end up getting burnt out and falling behind at school. Create a realistic plan for study and work, making sure to schedule in time for leisure and relaxation. 

Get Organised for Success

Being organised makes everything so much easier. Make sure your study area is neat and tidy so you can find things when you need them. Create a filing system for your schoolwork and use a whiteboard to display assignment due dates and other important information. Don’t leave things until the last minute as this is a guaranteed recipe for stress. Pack your bag the night before so you start the day feeling relaxed and on top of things.

Find a Local Job

Travel time can eat up a lot of hours. If your job is some distance from your home and school, it can make juggling work and school a lot harder. Try to find somewhere closer that’s convenient to get to on your own. If this isn’t possible, make the most of commuting time by using it to study, particularly if you’re using public transport. It’s easy to spend this time scrolling aimlessly through social media when it could be put to much better use.

Do Work You Enjoy

Doing a job you enjoy will help you stay refreshed because it won’t feel as much like work. When you dread going to work because you dislike your job, you’re much more likely to feel tired and burnt-out. Most jobs for high school students are in customer service, but there’s plenty of scope in this field to find something you love. Look for jobs in retail areas that interest you, such as art supplies or computer games.  

Listen to Your Body

If you’re feeling constantly tired and stressed, it means you’ve taken on too much. Stress is normal, and it’s not harmful for short periods. Ongoing stress, however, will seriously impact your health and ability to do well in school. Skin rashes, stomach upsets and difficulty concentrating are all signs you’re under too much pressure. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms you may need to cut back on work hours.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle 

You need a lot of energy to manage a part-time job while at school, and the only way to get this is by having a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you’re eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and getting enough sleep. It’s also important to take time out for yourself now and then to clear your head. Relaxation techniques and meditation will help you manage stress and perform at your best. 

Juggling school and a part-time job doesn’t have to be difficult.