A Guide to Preparing for LANTITE

A Guide to Preparing for LANTITE

The Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education Students (LANTITE) was introduced in 2016 to ensure future teachers meet the national standards in literacy and numeracy.

All students enrolled in teacher training must sit the test at some point in their studies. When you sit the test will depend on your specific program and university. 

The stakes are very high for this test as students are not able to progress any further if they don’t pass. Our guide to preparing for LANTITE will help ensure you ace the test the first time. 

Study the ACER Website

The ACER website is an excellent source of information about LANTITE. The website includes a very detailed account of the assessment framework the test is based on. It’s worthwhile to read this document thoroughly for an understanding of the literacy and numeracy skills assessed in test. 

  • Literacy 

The written section assesses reading and the technical skills of writing. Due to the difficulty of assessing writing skills in an online testing environment, two-thirds of the literacy test is devoted to reading skills. 

The framework goes into detail about the text types included and the specific reading skills which will be assessed. The written section focuses on the technical writing skills around syntax and grammar, spelling, word usage and text organisation.

  • Numeracy 

Teachers are required to have the numerical skills to perform basic calculations without technology and to solve everyday problems using their knowledge of maths. Due to its focus on practical skills, the test makes use of real data whenever possible, and questions about real-world problems are given the most weighting.  

The test breaks numerical skills into the areas of number and algebra, measurement and geometry, and statistics and probability. The framework provides in-depth information about how skills are measured in each of these areas. 

Complete Past NAPLAN Papers

NAPLAN tests are based on a similar assessment framework to LANTITE. While the skills tested are not identical, past test papers and study guides can be very helpful when preparing for the exam.

The numeracy section corresponds most closely with Years 5 & 7 of NAPLAN because it tests real-world skills, however, we recommend basing your study for both the literacy and numeracy sections on Year 9 resources. You can find sample questions and past papers with answers on the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) website.

Use Your University’s Resources

Universities have a vested interest in helping pre-service teachers pass LANTITE and complete their teaching degrees. Find out what resources and tools are available at your institution to assist with preparation for the test.

Check out the university website or speak to someone in the learning support unit. Some schools run workshops for those who need extra support. 

Get One-On-One Support 

Completing past papers and attending workshops is beneficial, but nothing beats the individual support offered by a tutor. A tutor can help pinpoint the areas where you need the most practice and work with you to hone your skills.

In addition to exam preparation, our tutors can also help you overcome exam anxiety, which is a serious concern with high-stakes tests such as LANTITE.

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