Benefits of Getting Kids Involved in the Aussie Bird Count

Aussie Bird Count

The Aussie Bird Count is an initiative that was started in 2014 by the conservation organisation BirdLife. This year it runs from 17th – 23rd October. 

The purpose of this initiative is to get the public’s help to monitor the health of bird populations and identify problems. Anyone can participate simply by taking 20 minutes to identify and count the birds in their garden, at the local park or town centre. 

All participants have to do is count the number of bird species they see in a 20-minute period. They then submit their count through an online web form or via the app. The app includes a field guide to help users identify birds.

Counting birds helps BirdLife increase its understanding of the health of birds in particular areas. They can then adopt measures to assist vulnerable species if needed. 

There are many benefits to getting involved in the bird count for kids. These include:

Increased Awareness

Participating in the bird count is a great way to help kids develop awareness about the environment. It’s a concrete way they can contribute to the protection of birds in their local area. 

Noticing the bird life in their suburb can help children become more attuned and sensitive to the wildlife around them. This will give them a better understanding of the threats faced by our flora and fauna. 

Improved Skills 

There are several skills that kids can practice by participating in the bird count. They must be observant to note birds and write down what they see. Younger children can benefit from using their numerical skills to count the birds. 

Kids can also develop technical skills by using the app to identify birds and by submitting information online. They have the opportunity to learn more about how the data is vetted and analysed.

Enhanced Knowledge

The bird count can help kids increase their general knowledge and make them more curious. Not only will they learn to identify different bird species, but they will also find out about bird breeding and migration patterns. 

Many children will want to know why the event is held in October. This provides a great opportunity to explain that birds are more visible and active in spring due to nesting and breeding. Participation in the bird count can encourage an interest in STEM.

Widens Horizons

Bird watching is not a hobby that is usually associated with kids, but participating in the bird count can expand their horizons by exposing them to different activities. 

Learning about different interests and events such as the bird count encourages children to be more adventurous and curious. Having an open, inquisitive mind will benefit kids in all areas of life.

Boosts Self-esteem

Contributing to the community is vital for young people. It helps them feel empowered to make a positive difference. It also creates a sense of connection and improves self-esteem. 

The bird count is a simple, fun way for kids to contribute. It can help them become more civic-minded. They may be inspired to seek out other initiatives such as tree planting and clean-up days to help the environment.

The Aussie Bird Count is a worthwhile initiative that has many benefits for kids.