Budget-friendly Gifts that Develop Reading Skills

Budget-friendly Gifts that Develop Reading Skills

The Christmas break is all about relaxation and fun. Kids deserve to have some time out in the holidays, but that doesn’t mean learning has to stop altogether. 

Summer learning loss, also known as the summer slide, is a serious problem. Numerous studies have found that students can lose up to a month of learning during an extended break from school. 

One of the most effective ways to combat learning loss is by providing experiences that allow kids to have fun and learn at the same time. These gift ideas will help your child develop their reading skills while also encouraging them to see reading as an enjoyable pastime.

Gift Ideas for Children 

  • Literacy Games

Literacy games are an ideal way to build kid’s reading skills. They are particularly helpful for reluctant readers and those who like to learn by interacting with others. Literacy games can be played on family games nights, creating an enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Board games that develop literacy include Boggle, Scrabble Junior, Bananagrams, Word Slam and Zingo. There is also a wide range of video games that can help with reading skills such as the Legend of Zelda series, Broken Age and SimCity. 

  • Comic Books

Comics are another great way to build skills and get kids interested in reading. They help develop contextual understanding, which allows readers to infer meaning, and learn about sequencing and story structure. They also enhance students’ vocabulary by introducing them to new words. 

When choosing comics for kids it’s important to choose age-appropriate comic books that align with children’s reading levels and interests. Australia has a growing comic book scene, and some excellent choices include the Tashi Series by Anna Fienberg and Barbara Fienberg, The Deep Series by Tom Taylor and James Brouwer and Blue by Pat Grant.

  • Magazine Subscriptions

In this digital age, kids don’t have as much exposure to magazines as they did in the past. That doesn’t mean that they won’t appreciate the chance to enjoy a magazine about a subject of interest to them.

A magazine subscription can support literacy development by providing access to diverse reading material and offering engaging content. Kids’ magazines are designed to be visually appealing, and they combine images and graphics to make reading more enjoyable. They offer short, easily digestible stories which are perfect for emerging readers.

  • Activity Books

Activity books for kids are very affordable and they offer hours of entertainment and learning. Activities include puzzles, crosswords, story starters, word searches and craft ideas.

All these activities promote reading skills by improving vocabulary and spelling. Following the instructions for various activities enhances comprehension and boosts critical thinking skills. Puzzle books are easy to find at newsagents and department stores, and they make perfect stocking stuffers. 

  • Kindle for Kids

A kid’s Kindle can help tech-savvy kids embrace reading with enthusiasm. Amazon has a reading device designed specifically for children and features include a library of educational games and access to a vast collection of children’s books through Amazon Kids+.

This exposure to a diverse range of books is invaluable in developing reading skills. The kid’s Kindle also has reading tools such as Word Wise which gives definitions for challenging words, and a read-aloud function which means kids can follow along while listening to the narration. 

How Can a Tutor Help?

A tutor can do much to help prevent summer learning loss by ensuring students retain knowledge over long breaks. They have the flexibility to incorporate student’s interests into lessons to make learning engaging and fun. 

Reading skills are the foundation of learning, and the holidays provide an ideal opportunity to work on literacy and comprehension. 

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