Classic Books to Entice Even the Most Reluctant Readers

Classic Books

Numerous studies have found that kids who read for leisure have more advanced literacy skills. Sadly, many children simply don’t enjoy reading, and they shy away from picking up a book in their own time. 

You can’t teach kids to love reading, but you can nurture this by providing quality books that will inspire their imaginations. As any reader knows, great books can change lives. 

Here are some classic books that can help your child fall in love with reading.

Charlotte’s Web

This is a wonderful, heartfelt tale that contains many important lessons about friendship, love and death. The themes are timeless and universal, which is why this book is still a childhood favourite 70 years after it was published.

The story centres around Fern, a little girl who lives on a farm with her family. Fern becomes friends with a piglet called Wilbur from a nearby property. As he grows bigger, Fern realises Wilbur will soon be killed if no one buys him. Wilbur befriends a spider called Charlotte who saves his life by writing in her web.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit 

This book has been in print since it was published in 1902. It’s stood the test of time because it’s considered one of the best books ever written for children. 

Peter Rabbit is a cheeky, mischievous character who is always getting himself into trouble. While the book is very entertaining, it contains many valuable lessons about taking responsibility, telling the truth and forgiving others.  

A Wrinkle in Time

This wonderful story tackles good and evil in a way that’s easy for children to understand. It contains an important message about learning to trust your intuition and believe in yourself. 

Three children called Meg, Charles Wallace and Calvin embark on an adventure through time and space to find Meg’s father who has been missing for several years. The children learn how to use their brains and hearts to combat evil and complete their rescue mission. 

Little Women

This classic, much-loved novel contains strong female characters who support each other while dealing with real problems. They learn to forge their own identities beyond what society expected of women at the time.

The book is set during the American Civil War, and it revolves around sisters Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. Lessons include how to rise up about your fears, be a good friend to someone in need and have gratitude. It also teaches readers to look beyond appearances. 

Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer’s adventures are sure to get kids’ hearts racing. This book chronicles the escapades of Tom and his friends in St. Petersburg, Missouri. 

The boys grow up and learn about friendship, honesty and loyalty as they skip school, play pirates, fish, swim and picnic on the banks of the great Mississippi river. The rollercoaster ride of emotions evoked by the plot makes this an unforgettable read. 

Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing 

Although published in 1972, this book is still very relatable for kids today. The main character Peter has a hard time with his younger brother Fudge, who seems to exist only to make his life difficult.

While the two boys have their ups and downs, they both love each other and manage to get through the tough times together. This is a light, humorous read with some deep messages about growing up.  

Classic books can help kindle a love of reading in your child.