Earth Hour Activities to Teach Kids About the Environment

Earth Hour is an annual event which takes place this year on Saturday 27th March at 8.30 pm. This initiative is organised by the World Wide Fund for Nature. It started in Australia in 2007 and now millions participate worldwide every year.  

Participants switch off their lights for one hour to demonstrate support for renewable energy. You can sign up through the website. 

Here are some activities that will help your child recognise the importance of protecting our planet.  

Game Night 

A game night by candlelight is a favourite Earth Hour pastime. You can give this activity an environmental twist by finding relevant questions or playing board games about climate change. Some examples include Photosynthesis and Polar Eclipse. 

Star Gazing

What better way to spend an evening than gazing at the stars? Get a blanket and make a picnic of it. If you live close to a major city, you’ll be amazed how bright the sky is when the lights go off. Together you and your child can learn about faraway constellations and galaxies. Understanding how vast the universe is will help kids value the planet and environment. 


Reading stories by candlelight is another fun way to participate in Earth Hour. There are plenty of books with environmental themes that are educational but not alarming for children, such as Fever at the Poles, Anywhere Farm and 10 Things I Can Do to Help My World. Older kids might like to talk about environmental issues and share their views. This will encourage them to think more deeply about the problems confronting their generation. 

Camping Out

Autumn is a lovely time of year to go camping, so why not make the most of Earth Hour by heading into the great outdoors to spend some time in nature? This will help your child appreciate the beauty of the natural world as well as the comforts they take for granted. Over a campfire talk about how much of their daily life is powered by electricity, and what your family can do to reduce energy use.  

Plant Something 

Honour Earth Hour this year by planting a tree in your backyard with your child for them to take care of. If you live in an apartment, use a planter box or pot to grow something. Herbs and vegetables are also great for kids to grow. Planting and growing their own food teaches children about sustainability and reducing their environmental footprint. 

Poster Design

As a family, brainstorm all the ways you can help the environment, such as walking to school and cutting out use of plastic cups and straws. Ask your child to create a poster listing all the ways your family is going to help the environment and display it in your home. 

Earth Hour is an ideal time to educate kids about environmental issues and climate change.