Future Careers That Will Require STEM Skills

Future Careers That Will Require STEM Skills

Technology is transforming our lives rapidly, and many of today’s jobs will be automated in the future. 

STEM careers will dominate because they involve qualities that can’t be automated, such as creativity, innovation and design. Unfortunately, according to Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith, by the age of 6 many girls have already decided a career in STEM isn’t for them. 

Here are some careers that can help inspire students to consider a career in this exciting and evolving field. 

3-D Printing Engineer

Scientists come up with the ideas and engineers develop and deploy the systems to make them work. There will be a massive demand for civil, mechanical and industrial engineers in the future.

One major area where engineers will be required is 3-D printing. This advanced technology is already transforming many industries, from home fabrication to medical devices. Engineers are needed to develop 3-D printers and maintain them. Another area of huge potential is nanomedicine which requires biotech engineers.

Data Analyst

ICT professionals are predicted to become the largest future group of STEM workers in Australia. Data analysts are already in high demand due to the vast amounts of data being collected, and this will only increase.

Data analysts use statistical techniques to analyse and interpret information to solve a particular problem. They identify current and future trends and make recommendations based on the data.

Instructional Designer

The call for educators and designers who can create quality online learning materials is growing. As online training increasingly replaces face-to-face instruction in the workplace, more people will be required to create interactive learning modules. 

This is a dynamic job that requires educational knowledge, as well as industry-specific experience. Instructional designers need to have excellent IT skills as well as creativity. 

Renewable Energy Scientist

Conventional resources are becoming depleted, and the need for clean green energy is intensifying. Sustainable sources of energy such as solar, water and wind are already providing a significant portion of our needs, but further work is needed.

Renewable energy scientists will be needed to figure out ways to refine energy generation and reduce waste. There is huge scope for growth and development in this field. 

Vertical Farmer

As the world’s population continues to grow, more innovative farming techniques will be needed to ensure there is enough food for everyone. Predicted water shortages and degradation of the land due to intense farming only add to the problem. 

Vertical farming is one solution that has major potential. Crops are grown in vertical tubes, reducing the need for large tracts of land. Due to advances in knowledge, it is hoped this new type of farming will soon require no soil and use 95% less water than conventional farming. 

Weather Moderator

Cloud-seeding is already allowing scientists to generate rain in drought-stricken areas. While this weather-moderating technology is still in its infancy, it’s set to progress rapidly in the future. 

Those working in this field require scientific knowledge as well as the ability to adapt quickly and think creatively. Moderating the weather to counteract the effects of climate change will become increasingly important. 

STEM is an exciting area of growth, but many kids don’t enjoy STEM subjects, and shy away from a career in these industries. Our tutors can help your child feel confident and positive about STEM, preparing them for a bright future.