Healthy Christmas Snacks for Kids to Make

Healthy Christmas Snacks for Kids to Make

Christmas is all about spending time with family and enjoying good food. Unfortunately, many Christmas snacks are loaded with sugar and fat. Not only are these snacks unhealthy, they can also affect children’s behaviour and sleep.

To help your family stay happy and healthy this festive season, here are some nutritious Christmas snacks kids can make at home.

Delicious Strawberry Santas 

Kids will love these simple Santas made from strawberries, bananas, ricotta cheese (or yoghurt) for the beard, and black gel icing for the eyes. 

All they need to do is wash the strawberries and remove the leaves before cutting them in half. The base (pointy end) is used for Santa’s hat and the other half forms the foundation, so they will need to slice this part again to make sure it’s flat. 

After placing the flat parts of the strawberry on a tray, kids layer ricotta cheese or yoghurt over them to represent the beard. They then slice the banana into pieces to create the face and put this on top of the strawberry pieces. It’s simply a matter then of adding two drops of black gel icing for the eyes, and placing the pointy strawberry bases on top to create Santa’s hat. 

Cheese Christmas Trees 

Kids need plenty of calcium for their teeth and bones, and this easy-to-make Christmas tree snack ensures they’re getting vegetables too. All that’s needed for this treat is some Laughing Cow cheese wedges, broccoli, a red capsicum and some cheddar cheese (or a yellow capsicum) for the stars. 

Children slice the broccoli and red capsicum into very small pieces. After cutting some stars from cheddar cheese, they insert a pretzel stick into the centre of the cheese wedges to create trees

All they need to do then is sprinkle the broccoli and red capsicum over their trees and place the stars at the top. 

Festive Frozen Yoghurt 

This fun recipe is perfect for Christmas in Australia. The ingredients are 2 cups of natural Greek yoghurt, 3 kiwi fruit, 5 strawberries and one tablespoon of dried cranberries. 

Kids might need some help to slice the strawberries and cranberries. The kiwi fruit is cut into flat pieces and kids use a tree-shaped cookie cutter to create Christmas trees from each slice. The next step is pouring the Greek yoghurt into a lined baking tray, ensuring its evenly spread. Children then arrange the kiwi fruit, strawberries and cranberries on top of the yoghurt, and place it in the freezer for approximately four hours. 

Once the yoghurt is completely frozen, it can be cut into sections for serving. 

Yummy Snowman Snacks 

This nutritious snowman snack is made from rice cakes, cream cheese, raisins and red and orange capsicums (or carrot). 

This one is easy to assemble and young kids can do it all by themselves. They simply spread the cream cheese over their rice cake and add raisins for the eyes. A wedge of orange capsicum or carrot is used to create the nose, and red capsicum makes a mouth. 

Not only are these treats healthy and fun to make, they taste delicious too!