How Being Good at Maths Can Benefit Your Health

Maths Can Benefit Your Health

Maths Can Benefit Your Health

A private maths tutor can not only help students improve their results but set them up for future good health as well. Maths skills are needed by adults to make sound decisions. Those with poor numerical skills are at a serious disadvantage when it comes to making financial choices, understanding statistics and even performing tasks like cooking. The surprising finding is that being good at maths has long-term health benefits too. In this post we will show How Being Good at Maths Can Benefit Your Health.

Here’s why hiring a private maths tutor makes sense for career, health and general wellbeing.

Long-term Health Gains

The OECD’s Survey of Adult Skills, which is part of its Program for International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC), confirmed that numeracy skills are essential ‘for full participation in modern societies.’ Proficiency in maths is associated with a wide range of positive outcomes, including health.

The correlation between maths skills and health is strong across most countries. According to the survey, people with the highest levels of maths skills are 22 per cent more likely to rate their health as good to excellent compared to those at the lowest level.

This gap in health becomes starker for older adults, increasing to 32 percentage points for people aged 55 to 65. These results suggest the benefits of hiring a private maths tutor can extend far into the future.

Why Maths Matters

Those with good maths skills enjoy better health for many reasons. Simple things like calorie counting, and understanding blood pressure, diabetes and heart rate readings require an understanding of maths.

As people age and health issues increase, good maths skills become more important than ever, which is why a private maths tutor is a great investment in the future.

Today, patients often need to make complex decisions about treatment. Researchers use mathematical modelling to assess the risks and side-effects of medications and therapies, and patients are required to evaluate this information in conjunction with their doctor to decide on a treatment plan.

Those who lack knowledge are not in a position to critically evaluate information, limiting their choices. Students who make the effort to excel in maths and work with a private maths tutor will have the tools to make more informed decisions about health.

Boosting Brain Power

The benefits of hiring a private maths tutor, extend into all areas of life:

  • Analytical skills: Maths sharpens brain health and analytical skills. Completing regular maths problems can help ward off age-related degeneration.
  • Confidence: Maths knowledge gives people a better understanding of how the world works leading to increased confidence. This is important for those struggling in maths. A private maths tutor can help students significantly in this area.
  • Problem solving. The methodical steps used to solve a maths problem can be applied to other areas, enhancing problem solving skills.
  • Creativity. Maths requires creative thinking and innovation to make connections and solve problems.
  • Perseverance. Learning to follow steps and work through a problem improves concentration and teaches students the importance of perseverance.

While maths clearly matters, in Australia numeracy skills are in decline among high school students. A private maths tutor can help students achieve good results and develop the skills they need for future health and wellbeing.