How In-Home and Online Tutoring Benefits Struggling Students

Benefits of In-Home and online tutoring

In-home and online tutoring help struggling students reach their potential and overcome obstacles to learning. 

Studies have found that students who receive private in-home and online tutoring experience significant improvements in reading, maths and comprehension. Students also report feeling more positive about their schoolwork. 

Here are some of the benefits of tutoring for struggling students:

Personalised Learning 

Everyone has a different learning style and learning needs. Often students have difficulties in class because their needs are not being met by traditional approaches to education. Individualised tutoring, whether online or at home, gives these students the one-on-one help and attention they need.  

Teachers with classes of up to thirty students can only do so much to meet each students’ needs, but a tutor is able to adapt tasks and develop a personalised learning plan specific to each student, targeting areas where they need help. Students learn at their own pace without the pressure to keep up with the class.

Confidence Building

Kids who struggle in class may come to resent teachers and dislike school due to their feelings of frustration and inadequacy. It’s very important for these students to have positive experiences around education. 

Working closely with a tutor gives students the opportunity to develop trust in an educational figure, building confidence. A tutor can also work with the family to ensure that everyone is on the same page. It’s important to find a tutor who is the right fit for your family, and in-home and online tutoring offers this flexibility.

Communication Skills 

It’s not surprising that struggling students often find it difficult to speak up in front of the class when they need help. This may be because they’re embarrassed and don’t want to draw attention to themselves, or they lack the communication skills to explain that they don’t understand. Instead, many of these students will act out and be labelled as disruptive. 

Individual tutoring sessions are of great benefit because they give students the experience of speaking up in a safe setting. Students learn how to ask questions to clarify learning and identify when they require help. This enables students to be more proactive about getting their needs met, and this will assist them in the classroom. 

Enhanced Motivation

Many students who work with tutors are motivated to try their hardest due to the additional support they receive. A tutor can be an excellent source of inspiration and encouragement for struggling students, giving them an incentive to learn.

A tutor can also help with motivation by developing learning plans around areas of interest and assisting students to become self-directed learners. When students have a sense of agency over their learning, they will be more engaged with their work.

Professional Advice

A tutor’s role is to identify specific learning needs and help students reach their potential. A tutor can assist with organisational skills and exam preparation, as well as giving advice on how to deal with school-related anxiety through relaxation techniques.

Tutors can determine if a student needs further support and provide advice on services available. In addition, a tutor can help students use technology and recommend a wide range of learning resources. 

An in-home or online tutor can help struggling students in many important ways. Check availability, there will always be home tutors near you