How to Help Your Child Focus Better in the Classroom

Many students have trouble listening and focusing in class. Children who are easily distracted find it difficult to understand the work and follow instructions. This leads to poor marks which don’t reflect their true ability. 

It’s important to discuss this issue with your child’s teacher and seek outside help if needed. A tutor can offer a learning plan to meet your child’s specific needs. 

Here are some steps parents can take at home to help kids focus better in the classroom.

Establish a Routine 

When you establish a homework routine, your child will become accustomed to doing their work at the same time each day. 

Sticking to a routine takes effort and discipline from the whole family, but the results will be worth it. When homework becomes a habit, it’s easier for kids to focus.

Remove Any Distractions 

One of the main reasons children have problems with concentration is because they’re unable to filter out external stimuli. Classrooms are noisy, busy places which can be overwhelming. 

You can help your child develop better focus by removing unnecessary distractions at home. Their homework area should be quiet and peaceful. Soft background music can be beneficial for some students. 

Provide Close Supervision 

Students who have trouble staying on task need to be closely supervised. Make sure you’re nearby when they’re completing homework to help them maintain concentration. 

Provide assistance when needed by answering questions and helping them break tasks down. When they lose focus, gently redirect their attention back to their work. Shaming and punishment will only make learning harder for them.

Allow Frequent Breaks 

It may seem counterintuitive when you’re trying to help your child focus and develop concentration, but they need regular breaks to regroup. Forcing them to stay on task for too long will leave them feeling exhausted and frustrated. 

Find out how long they can comfortably retain focus for and then gradually start to build on this. Offer lots of praise and positive reinforcement as their concentration span grows. 

Use Educational Videos 

Technology can be a helpful tool for helping students filter out distractions. It also makes learning more entertaining and this will assist with focus. 

If your child is having trouble grasping a concept or retaining information, there are many excellent videos available on YouTube created by teachers. Provide headphones to encourage closer attention and engagement.

Play Games Regularly 

Crossword puzzles, jigsaws, card games and board games are excellent for improving concentration. The interaction also helps kids to stay on task for much longer than they can on their own. 

Gaming gets a bad rap, but it can also be a great tool to help children focus. The best part about these activities is they don’t feel like work. 

Consider Lifestyle Factors 

Lack of sleep and a poor diet can play a major part in concentration problems. If your child is going to bed too late, their focus in class will suffer the next day.

A diet high in sugar, fat and salt will make it harder for them to listen and retain learning. It’s essential that kids get plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in their diet. Hydration is also very important.

These tips will make it easier for your child to develop focus in the classroom.