How to Support Your Primary School Student

Support Your Primary School Student

Support Your Primary School Student

Your student’s early school years form the foundation for their academic future, which is why primary school tutoring is a very worthwhile investment.  Skill levels among students in the same class vary widely, and teachers have the difficult task of trying to cater to all learning styles and levels. In the process of learning, it is necessary to know how to support your primary school student. To improve your child’s learning outcomes, we recommend using primary school tutoring as support.

Fortunately, there are many things parents can do to support students during these years. Primary school tutoring can help students build a strong foundation.

Learn about Literacy 

Regular reading with your child is one of the best ways to foster good literacy. You can take this a step further by learning about the different strategies used to teach children to read in school and through primary school tutoring.

It’s very helpful for parents to understand the different approaches used to decode language:

  • Semantics focuses on the meaning of words
  • Phonics relates sounds to letters
  • Sight words are used to help children visually recognise words.
  • Sytnax focuses on the way letters and words combine to create meaning.

There are multiple methods you can use when reading with your child, such as explicit modelling, where you take the lead to show them how it’s done, paired reading where you each take a turn or echo reading where they repeat sentences after you.

When you understand how reading is taught you are able to reinforce what is learned in the classroom, and this is highly beneficial for kids. Primary school tutoring is also excellent for cementing concepts, and a professional tutor can give you tips on how to build on classroom learning at home.

Model Good Organisation 

Children need to learn how to become organised, and the best person to teach them these skills is you. When students know where things are, they can stay focused and avoid distractions.

Encourage your primary school student to take pride in their work and look after their books and supplies. Help them keep track of homework and assignments by writing due dates in a diary or on a homework board.

Check their schoolbag regularly for forgotten work and provide a folder where they can put school notes that need to be signed. Explain why they need to keep their desk orderly and offer to help them tidy their workspace. Primary school tutoring will also help students develop good organisational skills.

Get Actively Involved 

A great way to support your student is by getting actively involved at their school. You can do this by attending school events and parent-teacher nights and by making an effort to stay in contact with the teacher. This also allows you to address any learning issues immediately so you can seek expert advice and look into primary school tutoring if needed.

Volunteering for canteen or as a classroom helper is excellent for those who have the time, but simple acts like reading the newsletter and following the school’s Facebook page will help you stay up to date with important events. Knowing who’s who at the school will make it easier to communicate with your child.

Students who feel supported will be motivated to learn and achieve. There are many things parents can do to support learning. Primary school tutoring is very useful for students who need a little extra help.