Mindfulness Practice Techniques to Help Teenagers Focus

Mindfulness Practice Techniques

Teenage life can be busy and stressful, and many find it hard to relax and focus. Mindfulness techniques provide tools to help you manage stress and develop concentration.

The purpose of mindfulness is to help people live more fully in the moment. This is achieved by focusing your attention completely on your breathing or an activity. Living in the present helps you let go of worries about the past and future. 

Research has found that teens who practice mindfulness regularly feel less anxious and depressed. They’re able to concentrate better on tasks, and this helps them succeed in all areas of life.

These simple mindfulness techniques can significantly improve your quality of life.

Focus on breathing  

The simplest way to get started with mindfulness is by taking a few minutes each day to sit in a comfortable position. Focus on the physical sensations of breathing as you draw in your breath and then release it. Your goal is to simply observe your breathing. 

When your mind wanders, gently bring it back to your breath. After a while, you’ll notice a sense of calm coming over you. This technique trains your mind to focus and ignore distractions. You only need to practice it for five minutes a day to get benefits.

Observe your thoughts 

Stress and anxiety can seriously impact your concentration span. It’s hard to keep your attention on a task when your brain is overflowing with worries and fears. To combat anxiety, take a few moments just to observe your thoughts. 

Ask what story you’re telling yourself. Are you catastrophising by thinking about worse case scenarios? Are you putting yourself down? Does social media contribute to your anxiety? Once you’re conscious of the stories and activities which create your moods, you can lift yourself up by creating more positive stories. 

Practice feeling gratitude 

Another sure-fire way to lift your mood is by becoming more aware of the good things in your life. Instead of thinking about what you lack, take the time to notice all the wonderful things you have to be grateful for. 

Challenge yourself to notice at least five things each day that are beautiful, helpful, enjoyable or convenient. You might even want to start a gratitude journal to record your thoughts. Doing this regularly will reduce stress and aid concentration. 

Listen to music 

Most teens don’t have to be persuaded to listen to music, but you’re probably wondering how this helps with mindfulness. Music is powerful because it helps redirect the mind outside of yourself and away from your thoughts. 

To make the most of this technique, choose one instrument and focus on that for a whole song. Feel the beat in your body and observe the emotions and sensations it creates. Dance if you feel like it. This is an excellent stress reliever and a perfect way to be fully present in the moment. 

Enjoy colouring books 

Adult colouring books became very popular a couple of years ago for stress relief. Colouring works the same way as other mindfulness techniques because it helps people immerse themselves in the moment.

While colouring, try to focus completely on what you’re doing and let other thoughts go. Notice the way the pencil feels, the sound it makes and how satisfying it is to add colour to the image. 

Any practice you enjoy, such as cooking, painting or running can help develop concentration and add to your sense of wellbeing and happiness.