Our Top Educational Documentaries for Kids of All Ages

The school holidays are only a couple of weeks away and soon kids will be looking for things to keep them entertained. While it’s important for students to relax and have fun during the break, this doesn’t mean learning has to stop altogether. 

To keep kids’ minds active during the long summer days there are many wonderful documentaries available which are both entertaining and educational. Quality films awaken a thirst for knowledge that will stay with kids for life.

Here are our top picks for documentaries which the whole family can enjoy together.

In My Blood It Runs 

This observational documentary is filmed from the perspective of a 10 year-old Indigenous boy living in Alice Springs. It explores his struggle to balance his traditional upbringing with his school life. 

Ladies First 

A coming of age story about Deepika Kumari who grew up in poverty in India. She was told girls could not play sports, but undaunted, she started learning archery at the age of 12. By 2016 she was representing her country at the Rio Olympics. 

Girls Rock 

Four shy girls develop self-esteem, insight and courage as they participate in Oregon’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls. The end of this fist-pumping film is especially powerful as the girls take to the stage and show they can rock with the best. This will help kids develop a better understanding of how to overcome fear.


Blindsight follows the journey of six blind Tibetan teenagers who, against the odds, set out on a trek up Mount Everest. They are led by Erik Weihenmayer, who became blind when he was 13. Determined to live life to the fullest, he began mountain climbing at 16. Kids will learn about Tibetan culture and village life.

First Position

Even kids who have no interest in dancing will be enthralled by this documentary which tracks young dancers from all over the world who are competing in the Youth America Grand Prix. It’s about hard work and sacrifice in pursuit of a dream. The film teaches kids about the power of perseverance.

Imba Means Sing 

No one can fail to be uplifted by this heart-warming film which follows an African children’s choir as they embark on an 18-month tour of America. The music is beautiful, and kids will enjoy the children’s adventures as they experience many things for the first time. 


Watch a mama bear teach her three cubs to survive in the harsh Alaskan wilderness. With a camera inside the bears’ den which allows viewers to see the cubs from the moment they’re born, this is compelling and educational viewing. 

African Cats 

In a similar vein to Bears, African Cats follows two cheetah and lion families as the mothers teach their young to hunt and survive. Kids will learn about the cycle of life and develop a deep respect for the natural world.   

Born to Be Wild

This documentary is narrated by Morgan Freeman and it captures the work of conservationists who adopt displaced elephants and orangutans and prepare them for release back into the wild. Children will learn about the importance of protecting the environment and looking after animals. 

A Beautiful Planet 

A Beautiful Planet is a must-see for kids who love space. Narrated by Jennifer Lawrence, it has over a year’s worth of footage of Earth, taken from the International Space Station. It also explores the day-to-day lives of astronauts in space. 

The educational and inspiring documentaries will expand your child’s mind and fill them with wonder.