Should Your Student’s Tutoring Continue in the Holidays?

Should Your Student's Tutoring Continue in the Holidays?

The question of whether tutoring should continue during the holidays is a tricky one for many parents. It seems logical to give students a break from the books to help them recover and refresh for the new year. 

Multiple studies, however, have found that academic skills decline over extended breaks if children don’t practice them. The brain is like a muscle that needs to be exercised regularly to maintain its condition. 

Due to COVID disruptions this year, it’s more important than ever to consolidate learning and ensure students have a solid foundation for building new skills. 

Here are some compelling benefits of continuing tutoring during the holidays. 

Catch-up Time

Holiday tutoring can give struggling students a vital leg up. A tutor can take the time to go back over the previous year’s work and identify any gaps in learning. 

This catch-up time allows a tutor to address issues without the additional pressure of keeping up with current class work and assignments. Bridging gaps during the holidays assists greatly with confidence and engagement when kids go back to school.

Revision and Preparation 

Students who are not struggling also have much to gain from holiday tutoring. Revising previous work helps to cement learning. Practicing skills ensures they are not lost. This is especially important for material learned just before the break, as it’s often easily forgotten.

Depending on individual needs, a tutor can also explore topics and concepts that will be studied in coming terms. This allows students to hit the ground running and feel fully prepared for the year ahead.

Good Study Habits 

Holiday tutoring helps students develop good study habits because it instils discipline and maintains a learning routine. In addition to tutoring sessions, a tutor can encourage your child to read each night, learn new words every day and practice sums on their own.

Devoting a short amount of time each day to their schoolwork can make a significant difference to academic results. Students who work consistently with a tutor learn to be accountable and responsible.  

Relaxed Learning Pace

Many students experience academic anxiety. The positive news is that kids are more likely to feel calm and relaxed during the holidays. This means they will be open to learning and retaining knowledge. 

Tutors can make learning in the holidays fun by focusing on areas of interest and introducing enjoyable activities. When the pressure is off, students can just enjoy learning for its own sake.

Easier Transition 

Holiday tutoring can make the transition back to school much easier. Students who have switched off during the holidays can find it difficult to get back into learning mode. On the other hand, those who have had regular tutoring sessions usually have no difficulties because they never stopped learning. 

It’s important to begin a new term or school year on the right foot, and students who continue tutoring during breaks are less prone to fatigue in the first week back. Their increased confidence and preparation give them a solid head start. 

There are many important benefits for continuing tutoring in the holidays; just make sure learning is balanced out with plenty of relaxation and fun!