Summer Learning Activities for Students

The summer holidays are a time for kids to relax and have fun, but they are also a time for learning. Research has found that, without practice, kid’s reading and maths skills decline significantly over long breaks. 

Getting students to do schoolwork in the holidays is usually an uphill battle, but there are many fun activities for kids which will help them retain vital skills. 

Here are some ideas which are both enriching and enjoyable. 

Shop to Learn

Many kids receive money and gift vouchers for Christmas, providing an excellent opportunity to practice maths skills. If your child has money to burn, ask them to write a list of things they’d like to buy. They can then research how much each item costs to find the best bargain.

Fun with Fractions 

Sometimes blank paper and coloured pencils can keep younger kids entertained for hours. You can incorporate maths into this simple activity by asking your child to divide a piece of paper into equal sized sections. Together work out how many sections they need to shade to represent the numerator of a fraction. This is a concrete, visual way for students to learn about fractions. 

Break the Record

Encourage your child to break their own record in an activity they enjoy such as sprinting or swimming. Use a stopwatch to track their results. This will teach kids about recording results and comparing numbers. Make sure your child understands it’s about fun and not performance.

Magical Mystery Tour

Show your child a map and ask them to pick a place within a certain radius from your home which they’ve never been to. Help them calculate how long it will take to get there, and how much fuel will be needed. Visit together and go to a museum, have a picnic or take a hike in a national park. 

Start a Blog 

The holidays are an ideal time for kids to start blogging. For inspiration, introduce your child to popular child bloggers, such as Alex Know It All, Marabird and Naturalist Dara. These blogs allow kids to see the world through the eyes of young people growing up in very different cultures. It doesn’t really matter what your child wants to blog about, as long as they’re writing and having fun. 

Interior Design Challenge

Give your child a chance to redesign their bedroom. They can move furniture and choose some pictures and soft furnishings to suit their taste. Your child can create a diagram to show where furniture will be placed. Give them a small budget to work with and encourage them to search for items online. The best thing about this activity; it will encourage kids to keep their rooms clean and tidy!

These low-cost activities and fun will help students retain learning over the summer holidays.