The Benefits of Starting Tutoring BEFORE Problems Emerge

The Benefits of Starting Tutoring BEFORE Problems Emerge

Many parents wait until their child is experiencing learning issues before they consider hiring a tutor. If their student seems to be coping with their classwork, they assume there’s no need to consider a tutor.

While it’s great to seek help when needed, there are many benefits to engaging a tutor before problems emerge. Students who may never develop learning issues still stand to gain a great deal by working with a tutor.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a tutor before problems emerge.

Study Skills

One of the major benefits of working with a tutor is the study skills they impart. A tutor will gain an understanding of how your child learns and tailor a study program specifically to meet their needs.

Tutors are able to help students understand their own learning style and teach them how to revise for tests and retain knowledge more effectively. As schoolwork increases in difficulty, students with good study skills are less likely to fall behind or feel overwhelmed.


Kids who work with tutors develop self-discipline because they are required to attend regular sessions and concentrate on their work. A one-to-one tutoring session is very different from a busy classroom because the focus is solely on them.

A tutor can teach unfocused students to be accountable and manage their workload. They will encourage students to take responsibility for themselves and complete every task to the best of their ability. Even the most academically gifted students may struggle if they become inattentive and disorganised. A good tutor can nip these problems in the bud before they become ingrained.

Enhanced Learning 

Many of the skills learned in class require frequent practice to ensure they are retained. A tutor will go over concepts to check a student’s knowledge, giving them as much practice time as needed to cement understanding.

Students who study at home by themselves to complete practice questions simply can’t match the skills and expertise offered by a tutor. Tutors know when a student is ready to move on to the next stage and can increase the difficulty level. They have access to a wide range of quality learning tools and resources to help students reach their full potential.  


Sadly, many children lack confidence in their academic ability. They feel like they will never be able to achieve the marks they aspire to, and as a result, some give up trying.

A tutor can help students regain confidence by highlighting their unique strengths. Tutors teach children about the value of learning for its own sake. Children who enjoy learning will feel more confident in their ability and proud of themselves for trying their hardest. 

Increased Motivation 

Motivation is a big concern for many parents, particularly as students get older. It’s not uncommon for a child who is doing well in class to start getting lower marks when they transition to high school.

One way to avoid a drop in academic performance is to hire a tutor before this becomes an issue. A student who has been working regularly with a tutor will be more motivated to maintain their grades. They have the skills, confidence and self-discipline to focus on their work, even when peers and socialising start to become more important.

There are many good reasons to start tutoring before problems emerge.