Tips for Managing a Part-time Job While at School

Managing a Part-time Job While at School

Managing a Part-time Job While at School

Taking on an after-school job is an important step towards adulthood. In addition to learning job skills such as cash-handling and customer service, part-time employment teaches young people about the importance of being reliable, punctual and attentive. This is why it is very important to managing a part-time job while at school

The benefits of an after-school job are many, but it can be a challenge to juggle work, school, and social activities. These tips will help students manage schoolwork and avoid stress. Sometimes part-time work can take away the academic focus, that’s why we always recommend having in-home tutoring

Finding the Balance

  • Pick the Right Job

When looking for work, it’s recommended you apply for jobs that are close to home so you don’t lose too much time travelling. Your job needs to fit in with your other commitments and be flexible to accommodate study. It may become a problem if you’re required to work every single weekend when you have a lot of schoolwork to do.

  • Plan Ahead

To successfully manage school and a job you need to be highly organised, and this means keeping on top of assignment and exam dates. When you know what’s coming up you can ask your manager not to schedule too many shifts over this period or arrange to take some time off. Calling in at the last minute because you need time to study or finish an assignment inconveniences everyone and is very unprofessional. 

  • Follow a Schedule

The best way to stay organised is by designing a study schedule and sticking to it. By calculating how many hours you’re able to devote to study, and scheduling time to work on assignments each week, you’ll find it much easier to juggle all your commitments. The discipline gained during this time will be of great benefit in the future. 

  • Be Prepared to Miss Out

Part of holding down a job and being responsible involves accepting there are times you’ll have to miss out on parties and other social events. You need to ensure you’ve fulfilled your work and study commitments first. Learning to say no to things you want to do is a valuable life skill.

  • Manage Stress

If you fall behind at school due to your job, it can feel like you’re never going to catch up. Depression can set it, making it difficult to get motivated at a time when you need to put in extra effort. To avoid this, make sure you look after your health by getting enough sleep, eating properly and exercising.  Walking, mindfulness and deep breathing exercises all relieve stress.

  • Ask for Help

You don’t have to do it all alone, so if the pressure becomes too much talk to someone about how you’re feeling. This could be a parent, teacher, tutor, school counsellor or friend. Together you can discuss your options. It may be necessary to cut back your work hours or even give up your job if your schoolwork is suffering. Whatever happens, your mental health is the number one priority.