Top Movies that will Help Kids Fall in Love With Coding and Robotics

Top Movies that will Help Kids Fall in Love With Coding and Robotics

Many future careers will require coding skills and knowledge of robotics. Those not employed directly in these areas will still need to be tech-savvy and innovative. 

Films are a fun and exciting way to introduce kids to technology and create enthusiasm for STEM subjects. Students who enjoy movies about robots and artificial intelligence are more likely to recognise the amazing benefits of this technology.

These films can help kids embrace coding and robotics. 

Back to the Future 

This film is a classic for a reason. It has enduring appeal because it taps into children’s desire for adventure and fantasy. 

Back to the Future encourages a love of science and engineering because it’s based around Doc Brown’s invention of a time machine which transports Marty McFly back before he was born. Through this movie children learn about the power of science to harness imagination and invention. 

A.I Artificial Intelligence

Released in 2001, A.I helped bring awareness about artificial intelligence to the mainstream. Its themes and ideas are still very relevant today, and most children will really enjoy it. 

This film explores a future world ravaged by natural disasters. Humans have been forced to move inland due to coastal flooding and robots have been developed to perform daily tasks. 

David is an A.I robot in a human body who is adopted by Monica, a human mother. In addition to creating interest in robotics, the movie asks important questions about what it means to be human. 

The Matrix 

The Matrix is another classic film that children will adore. The movie is set in a dystopian future society where robots use humans as a power source. It explores the ability of coding to create another reality.

The film’s fascinating plot and stunning visual effects will keep kids on the edge of their seats. Matrix encourages children to consider important philosophical questions, including how we define reality, and the role artificial intelligence should play in the future. 


Wall-E is guaranteed to help kids fall in love with robotics. After watching this movie, they might even want to make their own robot!

In this computer-animated 2008 film, earth has become an empty wasteland due to corporate greed and unbridled consumerism. Humanity has retreated to outer space and only one robot remains to clean up the planet. The film’s ultimate message is one of hope as humans and robots work together to repair the environment. 

Lo and Behold 

Lo and Behold is an award-winning documentary that considers the impact of robotics, A.I and the internet on humans. It looks at these things from a range of perspectives, giving kids much food for thought. 

The film takes a considered approach, looking at both the good and bad aspects of technology. It is hopeful about the future benefits of the internet and A.I, while reminding viewers of the dangers. 

These films can inspire your child to learn more about technology.