Tutor Doctor’s Tips for Students to Improve Their Organisational Skills

Without good organisational skills, students will struggle to perform at their best. Organisation is the foundation on which solid academic results are built. Children who know how to manage their work will experience less stress and feel more confident.

Organisational skills have to be learned, which is why kids need guidance and support. Often parents mistake lack of skills in this area with laziness or disobedience. If your child struggles to get ready for school on time, loses things and can’t manage their homework, they may need some extra support.

These tips will help your student stay organised and motivated. 

Make use of visual cues

Children tend to be very visual, and they respond well to brightly coloured charts and planners. Inject some fun into organisation by letting them pick out a wall organiser to display in a prominent place. Allow them to decorate the planner with stickers and pictures. 

Define a work space 

Even young children need a defined area for doing homework and assignments. Whether it’s a desk in their room or a shared family space, make the study zone feel warm and welcoming. Provide folders and trays to help your student manage their work. It helps to have separate trays for pending tasks, finished work and school notes and newsletters. 

Establish a solid routine

The secret to organisation is consistency. Once they’ve adhered to a routine a few times it starts to become second nature to kids. Start the day with a set tasks which need to be completed to get ready for school, and finish with a sequence of clear steps leading up to bedtime. This will include getting changed, having a snack, unpacking their bag and completing homework.

Have your own system  

You can make it much easier for kids to be organised if you set a good example. Ensure you have a system in place to keep toys, shoes, bags and clothes in order. Large storage tubs are ideal for encouraging kids to put their things away. Make tidying up a fun family activity by challenging kids to see how fast they can gather all their belongings off the floor.

Assign household chores

Kids who have responsibilities around the house learn how to break tasks down into steps to complete a job, and they will take this skill into the classroom. Just one task a week is enough to help them develop both organisational skills and discipline. Vary the task every few weeks so they continue to learn and grow. 

Cook fun recipes together 

Recipes are an excellent way for students to learn about organisation as they need to gather ingredients and utensils and follow a sequence of instructions. When you cook together, you can help keep your child on track so they don’t lose confidence as their skills develop.

Tap into Technology

Kids love technology, so why not use it in your favour to help them get organised? Encourage your student to record dates in an online calendar, use apps to keep track of tasks and set alerts to remind them of deadlines. 

Good organisation doesn’t happen overnight. Children need support and positive modelling from parents. A tutor is a good option for those who need a little extra help.