University Student’s Guide to Using LinkedIn for Career Growth

LinkedIn has become the most prominent tool for job seekers and recruiters, with over 1 billion members worldwide. The site is so popular that approximately six individuals are hired through it every minute!

Many students believe LinkedIn is only for jobseekers, but you don’t need to wait until you’ve graduated to build your personal brand and make connections. Creating a professional profile will greatly enhance your career prospects when you’re ready to hit the job market. 

Here are just some of the ways university students can leverage LinkedIn to advance future careers.

  • Networking Opportunities

As mentioned above, one of the prime benefits of LinkedIn is networking. Having a profile gives you the ability to connect with people in your future industry, as well as recruiters, classmates, professors, and alumni. It allows you to attend networking events, webinars and career fairs you may not otherwise know about. All these connections can lead to valuable mentorship opportunities and jobs. 

  • Industry Research 

There’s really no better tool for conducting industry research than LinkedIn. It provides access to company profiles, industry insights, and professional networks. Through company pages, students can gather information on industry trends, key players, and job opportunities. Connecting with professionals and maintaining an active presence on the site will set you up for future success in your industry. 

  • Reputation Building

The best way to build a reputation is to make yourself visible to the people that count. LinkedIn allows you to comment on, like and share the content from leaders in your field. You can also join groups and participate in polls, surveys and discussions. By staying up to date on industry news and trends, and sharing your knowledge with others, you will demonstrate your value as a candidate for future roles. 

  • Recommendation Requests

Recommendations on LinkedIn are prominently displayed testimonials or endorsements provided by LinkedIn users to vouch for the skills, professionalism, and expertise of other members. They serve as valuable social proof of an individual’s abilities and qualities. When you take the time to network with your professors, classmates and industry professionals, you’re in a position to ask for recommendations from highly regarded people. 

  • Internship Sourcing

Internships provide opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience in a wide range of fields, and competition for them is intense. LinkedIn is ideal for sourcing internships by connecting students with companies, recruiters, and alumni networks. Its job search feature allows tailored searches based on industry, location, and company size, giving you access to vital information.

  • Professional Education

LinkedIn offers a range of courses and webinars to help users update their skills and stay competitive in a rapidly changing job market. Students have much to gain from these flexible, self-paced learning opportunities. Completion certificates can be showcased on profiles, boosting credibility and attracting potential employers. Find out if your university offers a LinkedIn Learning subscription with your enrolment. 

Creating Your Profile 

A quality profile is essential if you want to leverage LinkedIn to its full potential. Your profile showcases your skills, experience and accomplishments, and it’s the first impression people on the platform will have of you. 

To give the best impression, your profile picture should be a high-quality headshot against a blank background. A compelling, keyword-rich headline targeted to your industry will greatly increase your visibility to professionals and recruiters. To increase engagement and interest, consider adding portfolios, presentations and videos to your profile. 

Don’t forget to update your profile regularly as you add to your skill base.

How Tutor Doctor Can Help

Having a professional LinkedIn profile is important, but it cannot make up for poor grades. Our tutors can help you perform at your best by assisting with subject knowledge, assessments and exam preparation. 

Through our personalised approach, we assist students to develop a study routine that ensures they achieve the best grades they’re capable of.

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