What to Expect from Your First Tutoring Session

First Tutoring Session

Your first tutoring session can be a little nerve wracking. It’s difficult meeting someone new, especially when you don’t know what to expect.

The best way to approach the first meeting with your tutor is to remember their role is to help you, not judge you.

What to Expect from Your First Tutoring Session

What to Expect from your first tutoring session? Maybe you are so nervous, but don’t worry! The tutor will be your guide and your friend in this wonderful journey. So, we have some notes to help you to get the best start in your first tutorin session.

First Tutoring Session: Breaking the Ice

During the first session, the tutor will introduce themselves and ask you some questions about yourself. Their goal is to establish a friendly rapport to help you feel at ease.

They might ask you about your interests and how you feel about school. They’ll want to know what subjects you’re struggling with and whether you have a study schedule in place.

Your tutor also needs to know about your knowledge and skills. They may ask you to do some short tests and activities to gauge your understanding. This isn’t anything you need to worry about. Your tutor just wants a realistic view of your strengths and weaknesses so they can design a learning program that suits you.

It’s important to have a quiet environment where you can talk with your tutor and concentrate without interruptions. A parent or guardian needs to be present in the house at all times during in-home tutoring. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. That’s what your tutor is there for.

How to Prepare to your First Tutoring Session

Students often wonder what they need to do to prepare for their first tutoring session. It’s not a test and you don’t need to impress your tutor, so there’s nothing you need to do in preparation.

It’s helpful to have your textbooks on hand to show them what you’re learning about in class, as well as any school assessments you’re working on in the subject area you’re being tutored in. Your main job for the first session is to show up feeling rested and ready to learn.

The Next Step

After your first session, your tutor will design a learning program to meet your needs. If they require further information, or want to talk to your teachers, they’ll let your parents or guardians know. They may want to do some more assessments in the next session.

If you have any issues or concerns after your first session, it’s important to raise them straight away. To ensure parents stay up to date with their students’ progress, Tutor Doctor provide detailed written session reports after each session.

Some students feel like having a tutor is a sign of failure because they can’t keep up with the work. This is not the case at all. A tutor is there to help you reach your potential by finding out what your learning style is.

Tutoring is a valuable opportunity to get individual attention and develop confidence. Your first tutoring session is the start of an exciting learning journey.