Why Tutoring is a Good Career Move

Why Tutoring is a Good Career Move

It’s a common fallacy that only those with a background in education or students who are studying to be teachers are qualified to become a tutor

The truth is tutoring can be a great job for anyone with demonstrated subject knowledge. It provides a solid foundation for a wide range of careers. 

Some of the skills tutors develop to a high level include:

  • Strong Communication 

It’s essential for tutors to express themselves clearly and effectively to both students and their parents. A tutor must be able to gauge quickly whether their explanations have been comprehended and find another way to explain if a student is struggling to understand. 

While most jobs involve communication, tutors deal with complex theories and concepts, and as a result, they have very highly developed skills in this area. This is a major advantage in any career. In addition, tutors are adept at listening and showing empathy to students, which will help them relate well to clients and colleagues in future roles.

  • Advanced Organisation

Tutoring requires advanced organisational skills which are invaluable in any workplace. Most tutors have multiple students to keep track of. A tutor needs to monitor what each student is up to, plan for each session and choose the right resources and materials.

It’s crucial for tutors to be punctual and reliable because they work on a schedule. Someone who has succeeded in this field has a proven track record in these areas. 

  • Adaptability 

Being adaptable is one of the most important career skills employers are looking for today. This skill will become even more essential in the future as technology continues to transform our lives. 

Adaptable people can adjust and change track when needed. In tutoring, this might involve adjusting teaching strategies when something isn’t working. A student may decide they want to work on a school assignment the tutor hasn’t seen prior to the session. The tutor needs to quickly grasp what the assignment is about and assist the student with ideas on how to approach it. 

  • Self-reflection 

Self-reflection is a higher-order skill that is increasingly in demand in the workplace. Tutors need this skill to not only gauge how a student is performing but also evaluate their own progress.

Having the ability to analyse why some sessions go well and others are less successful equips tutors with an essential skill they will carry with them into their future careers. Those with self-awareness can come up with strategies to address their areas of weakness, giving them a major edge over their competitors in the job market.

Tutoring can help you develop a range of advanced career skills.