Why You Should Get Involved in Education Week

Education Week

Each state in Australia celebrates Education Week to recognise the achievements of public education and students. NSW Education Week takes place this year from 1 – 5th August, and the theme is Creating Futures – Education Changes Lives.

This theme recognises the central role the education system plays in preparing students for the future. The purpose of education is to create innovative thinkers who are resourceful, resilient and adaptable.

We encourage parents and kids to get involved in Education Week this year to celebrate local learning communities.

 How to Get Involved 

  • Watch the Live Stream

The video for NSW Education Week 2022 will be launched via live stream on Monday 1 August at 10am. It will include inspiring stories and performance pieces from students and messages from educational leaders. Many schools will play this at an assembly. You can show your support by watching the live stream and talking about it later with your child. The video will also be available on demand after the live broadcast.

  • View the Short Film Festival

The ‘Film By….Invitation’ is a short film festival which will screen on Tuesday 2 August. There will be two 30-minute screenings showcasing 24 short films created by students in NSW over the past 12 months. Get involved by watching the festival and voting for your favourite film in the People’s Choice Awards. This is an amazing opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills and creativity.

  • Attend a School Event

Schools hold many in-person and virtual events to celebrate Education Week. Keep an eye on newsletters and social media to see what’s happening at your local schools. Events include performances, displays of students’ work and visits by educational leaders. Some schools also host alumni events for former pupils. 

  • Participate on Social Media

One simple way to support Education Week is by engaging through social media. Use the hashtag #EdWeek22 to find and share posts. You can even create your own content in support of public education. The goal is to create awareness around education and acknowledge the achievements of students. 

  • Talk About Education

Education Week provides a perfect opportunity to talk about school with your child. Ask your student what learning means to them and why they think people have to attend school. Share your own experiences and talk about how school prepares students for the future. Ask what sort of career they’re interested in and what skills they might need to do these jobs.

Support your community by getting involved in Education Week this year!