Activities to Help Auditory Learners Retain Knowledge

Auditory learners absorb information more easily when they are listening. Due to their preference for having information presented verbally, these learners are most engaged by lectures, class discussions and group work.

Study techniques such as note taking and summarising from textbooks are not as effective for these learners, which is why it can be difficult for students with this learning style to stay focused when studying on their own.

If you’re an auditory learner these techniques will help you retain knowledge and stay engaged.

Avoid Noisy Places

Auditory learners are easily distracted by noise. When studying, it’s very important for you to have a quiet place where you can focus on your work. A separate room away from television and other family members is ideal.

When studying at school or in the library, auditory learners can benefit from listening to soft music through headphones to drown out other sounds. Anything too loud or stimulating will only distract you.

Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are the perfect learning tool for auditory learners. The great news is there are many podcasts available on every subject studied at school. The trick is finding the right ones.

Ask your teacher for recommendations if you’re not sure. Many teachers have started recording their lessons so students can listen later. If your teacher is not doing this, ask if you can record parts of the lesson. It’s important to get permission first.

Watch Video Clips 

Videos are another excellent resource for auditory learners. There are many quality resources available online, but you need to be discerning.

It’s helpful to be specific when looking for study materials. For example, a search using ‘HSC maths’ on Youtube will yield a wealth of resources.

Participate in Discussions

To remain focused in class, auditory learners need to actively participate in the lesson. Asking questions and joining in discussions will help you stay engaged.

When studying alone, you can join online forums about your subject area. Just make sure you stick to the topic and don’t allow the discussion to get off-task.

Read Notes Aloud 

Reading your notes out loud is very beneficial for auditory learners because you are using your preferred study methods of speaking and listening. You can also record yourself reading for later reference.

To mix things up, try swapping recordings with your classmates. Hearing notes read in a different voice will help keep your attention.

Find a Buddy

Studying with a buddy is helpful for auditory learners because of the interaction involved. You can take turns explaining things to each other and discuss ideas and concepts.

Study groups can also be great for engagement. When studying with classmates, make sure you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve in each session to keep it focused.

Hire a Tutor 

A tutor has similar benefits as studying with a buddy or group, but with the added bonus of being a subject-area expert. With a tutor you can talk about what you’ve learned and listen as they explain things to you.

A tutor is trained to identify areas you need help, and they will adapt techniques to your learning style.

Auditory learners have many strengths. These techniques will help you make the most of your learning style.