Hassle-free Homework for the Whole Family

Conflict over homework can be disruptive for the whole household. Many kids will try to avoid homework or argue over how long they need to spend each day on it.

Parents often feel like they are fighting an uphill battle when it comes to getting kids to settle in and do their work. This can cause dinner to be delayed and lead to stress and tears before bedtime.

These steps will help you avoid homework hassles and bring harmony to your home.

Take an Interest

Research has found kids are more likely to succeed at school when parents take an interest. Make sure you attend school events and speak regularly with your child’s teachers so you’re aware of how much homework they should be doing each afternoon.

Instead of telling your child to do their homework, ask them to explain it to you. Not only will this give your child incentive to study, explaining things to others is a great learning technique. Follow up by asking how they went in quizzes and assignments, offering plenty of praise and encouragement.

Set an Example  

It’s very helpful to set an example by sitting down at the same time each day with your child to do your own work. When your kids see you are organised and stick to a schedule it will make it easier for them to do the same. If you don’t have work to do at home, spend this time reading a book.

Working in a common area in the home where you can sit quietly together is helpful for younger kids and those who don’t like to do homework on their own. This way they can ask for help when needed and it also allows you to keep an eye on them without appearing to be checking up.

Teach Planning Skills 

As students get older, homework will increase, and they’ll be required to work on more complicated projects. This is a great opportunity to teach your child how to prioritise tasks and break assignments down into manageable chunks.

When kids start getting more homework, talk to them about the importance of regular breaks. Being able to take a break and return to study develops self-discipline. 

Give Kids Independence

Your job is to make sure your child is doing their homework and to step in to help when needed. It’s very important that they complete the work themselves. When you fix mistakes, you’re robbing them of valuable opportunities to learn. The goal of homework is to create independent learners, and this can’t happen if you’re too involved. 

Don’t give in to the temptation to write a note to the teacher making excuses when your child doesn’t complete the required work. Dealing with the consequences of their actions is part of the learning process. If your child is genuinely exhausted, anxious or overwhelmed make an appointment to talk to the teacher.

Hire a Tutor 

Regular sessions with a tutor help kids develop many important skills. A tutor provides structure and teaches children how to approach homework tasks. They assist with organisation and help instil discipline.

Students who work with a tutor are more confident because they have the support and guidance to achieve their best. 

Homework doesn’t have to be an ordeal for the family. Follow these steps for a peaceful home life.