Indoor Activities to Burn Off Energy During the Holidays

Indoor Activities to Burn Off Energy During the Holidays

The school holidays can be an endurance test for parents when it’s too cold or wet to play outside. Children who are cooped up inside all day get restless and bored quickly. 

To work off excess energy and keep them entertained, children need activities that require them to use their mind and bodies. 

Here are some fun and educational ways for kids to stay active these holidays.

Games using the alphabet 

One way to get kids moving is by creating cards or sticky notes with letters of the alphabet. Get kids to draw out some letters and tell them to find an object in the house starting with each letter. Time them if you want to make it competitive.

Another version of this game is to write an object down on a piece of paper. Tell them only the first letter of the object. They must then walk around the house naming objects that start with that letter until they find the one you wrote down. It helps to confine this game to one room to start with. 

Freeze-frame dance competition

A simple and fun game to play at home is freeze dance. Play music and get kids to freeze when you stop the music. Encourage them to try the craziest dance moves they can think of and see how long they can hold their position when the music stops. 

Mix it up by using flashcards with letters or numbers. Each card corresponds to a different shape they have to create with their body when you turn off the music. This is great for developing memory and concentration, as well as number and letter recognition.

Book-themed obstacle course 

It’s easy to create a book themed obstacle course in your home. Choose a story to read together and tell your kids beforehand that to move through the course they need to answer questions that relate to the book. 

Get cushions, mats and rugs to create the obstacle course. Everything else is lava. Kids move from one spot to the next by correctly answering questions about the book. This teaches listening skills and helps them think more deeply about what they read.

Abstract art creation 

Introduce kids to some famous abstract artworks, then ask them to make their own. This activity works best in a garage or place you can clean up easily afterwards.  

Get some very large pieces of paper or cardboard, some non-toxic paint for kids and let them loose. Encourage your child to get physical by using their hands and feet to make prints and create wild splashes of colour.

Exercise with Youtube 

There are some fun videos available for kids on Youtube that will help burn off energy. Get your child involved by showing them some options and asking them to choose the one they like best.

Meditation videos are also helpful for kids and will teach them about how to be mindful and calm. Yoga videos incorporate gentle exercises that allow kids to move, stretch and work on their core strength.