Innovative Ways for High School Students to Make Extra Money

Innovative Ways for High School Students to Make Extra Money

Earning their own money is an important milestone for high school students. Not only does this give teens a taste of independence, it also helps them develop a work ethic and budgeting skills.

Students who have experienced the satisfaction of buying something with their own hard-earned cash are more likely to appreciate the value of money. For this reason, many parents encourage teens to get a part-time job while they’re at high school.

Most teens work in retail or hospitality as these industries operate in hours that suit students. However, technology has now made it much easier for kids to make money in diverse ways.

Here are some innovative ways for high school students to make some extra cash.

Start a Youtube Channel 

A Youtube channel takes a lot of work, and it’s by no means a guaranteed money earner. For those willing to put in the time and effort though, it can pay off. This option is most suitable for kids who have a hobby or interest that they’re passionate about and want to share with others.

Become a Virtual Assistant 

A virtual assistant works remotely for a company or individual to provide a wide range of services. This might include general administration, blog writing and social media and database management. This is ideal for tech savvy teens with excellent time management skills.  

Teach English Remotely 

There are many people learning English who need to practice their conversational skills. Teens can get paid simply for talking to people. This role is great for students who are also learning another language, as they can brush up on their own skills at the same time. 

Sell Photos Online 

Teenagers love taking photos, and there is a huge online demand for images today. Many sites allow users to upload digital photos and sell them to millions of people. Photos can be as simple or as creative as they want them to be. While most digital marketplaces require users to be at least 18, with a parent’s involvement, this can be a good money maker.

Open an Etsy Shop

Etsy is a website that sells a wide range of goods including clothes, jewellery, ceramics, candles and bath products. Anyone with a bit of creative flare can open a shop and start earning money. Students just need to study the marketplace and work out what they can make to sell. This is a wonderful opportunity for teens with creative skills. 

Hold a Garage Sale 

Most families have stuff lying around that they’re not using. A garage sale is the perfect way to declutter and make money. Teens can take it a step further and ask friends and extended family to donate their unwanted goods. They might even score some wonderful vintage items. Whatever remains after the garage sale can be sold through sites like Facebook and Gumtree.

Become a Pet Sitter 

Busy people often don’t have the time to give their pets the attention they need. High school students can make money by walking dogs and taking care of people’s animals while they’re away. Pet sitting websites allow customers to contact pet sitters directly. Reputable sites require users to be at least 18 years old. For younger teens a parent will need to set up the account and screen all contacts.

These are just some of the innovative ways teens can make some extra cash.