Preparing Students for an AI-Driven World

Preparing Students for an AI-Driven World

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates recently predicted that artificial intelligence (AI) will be teaching kids to read and write in the very near future. Rapid developments in AI technology are a cause for both excitement and concern amongst parents and educators, as the full implications of this technology are still unknown.

Despite the uncertainty one thing is very clear; AI will have a significant part to play in the future. Students will not only be impacted by AI at school, but many future careers will involve the use of artificial intelligence. 

To help your student adapt to this exciting new technology we recommend that you:

Encourage a Curious Mindset 

Even today with AI in its infancy, workers must continually upskill to stay competitive in the job market. It’s predicted this trend will accelerate. You can help your student feel comfortable with change by encouraging a curious mindset. 

Provide opportunities for kids to explore new technologies and learn about new things. This might involve building robots, and coding and designing websites, but it doesn’t have to be limited to technology. Children who are curious will feel more comfortable with change and thrive in the future.

Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Kids already have access to vast amounts of information, and this trend is also set to accelerate. It’s imperative that they have the ability to analyse and critically evaluate the information available to them.

Parents can help develop critical thinking skills by asking kids to consider topics from multiple perspectives. Draw your child’s attention to the sources of information and regularly discuss the role of technology in society. 

Nurture Creative Expression 

A major fear around AI is that it will become so advanced it will make human creativity redundant. This is a truly frightening prospect for many as creativity cuts to the heart of what it means to be human. 

Fortunately, futurists believe creativity will become more important as AI takes over mundane tasks. They predict that future jobs will require innovation and creativity, particularly as more people will choose freelance work. Parents can nurture creativity by encouraging kids to express themselves and follow their passions when deciding on a career path.

Foster Healthy Digital Habits 

Addiction to screens is already a major problem for many families, and this is set to worsen as AI makes the screen experience even more vivid. Now is the time to create healthy screen habits for everyone by setting limits and encouraging screen-free time each day.

For future balance, it’s vital that kids understand how important it is to get out in nature and live in the moment without technology. Encourage healthy habits by spending time together outside and practising mindfulness and meditation.  

Teach About Ethical Use 

Another major fear around AI is that it is making it far too easy for students to cheat. Teachers are already grappling with the problem of identifying essays written by technology. 

To tackle this problem, students need to recognise that they are ultimately harming themselves by plagiarising. Parents can play a central role in helping students to view AI as a valuable tool that helps them refine their ideas, not one that does their work for them. 

How Will AI Affect the Tutoring Industry?

Some predict that AI will eventually replace tutors, however, nothing could be further from the truth. Artificial intelligence cannot replace the human connection and mentorship that plays a key part in building confidence and inspiring students to reach their potential. 

While AI cannot replace tutors, it can be used to improve learning and enhance the customer experience. Its greatest strength lies in developing personalised learning materials and providing instant feedback. 

At Tutor Doctor we are already integrating GPT AI technology into our software system to adapt our lesson plans and deliver session reports faster. Our tutors are at the leading edge of technology, and they have the skills and knowledge to prepare your student for future success. 

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