Top 5 Reasons Students Struggle With Maths and How a Private Tutor Can Help

Top 5 Reasons Students Struggle With Maths and How a Private Tutor Can Help

It’s no secret that many students dislike maths. Often, kids who do well in other subjects still have problems when it comes to understanding maths concepts.

When these problems are not addressed, students don’t develop the basic skills needed to move forward. Once they fall behind it can be difficult to catch up.

Here we’ll look at some of the common issues students have with maths, and how a tutor can help overcome them.

Low Confidence Levels

Maths involves difficult concepts. When these concepts are not taught properly kids start to doubt their own ability and many become anxious. In a busy classroom where the teacher’s time is limited, students often don’t get the individual attention they need. They end up feeling like they will never understand and stop trying. 

A tutor can assist by identifying issues and coming up with a personalised learning plan. The tutor will tailor explanations to match each student’s learning style and needs. This allows them to explain and demonstrate concepts in a way which is easy to comprehend. 

Not Enough Practice 

In addition to individual support, it takes a lot of practice to really grasp maths. Students learn at different paces. To keep up with the curriculum, teachers have to move on to the next level regardless of where students are at. 

A tutor can go over a concept as many times as necessary to ensure it is understood. They give students undivided attention and take the time needed to practice and cement concepts before moving on. 

Lack of Interest 

Maths has a reputation as difficult and boring, and this is exacerbated by poor teaching methods. When teachers don’t show why maths is relevant, students feel it is a waste of time and are reluctant to put in the required effort.

A tutor can help make maths more interesting for students by showing how it applies to their everyday lives. They can provide relevant examples based on the interests of individual students. A tutor can also discuss each student’s career goals and explain how maths will benefit them in the future. 

Poor Concentration Skills

Studying maths requires focus and concentration. For a lot of students this is challenging. The noise and distractions in the classroom make it hard for students with limited concentration to listen to the teacher and focus on their work.

A tutor can assist with concentration because they work one-on-one with students in a quiet environment. They will assess each student’s concentration span and then work to improve it. 

Basic Literacy Problems 

Numeracy and literacy go hand in hand. Students who struggle with literacy often have problems with maths because they don’t know how to read and interpret maths questions. These students usually have a limited knowledge of maths vocabulary, which makes it hard to explain concepts.

A tutor will build on literacy and numeracy to ensure students have a thorough understanding of what’s required. They will check each student’s maths vocabulary and build on their existing knowledge, showing that maths problems are solved through a series of steps. 

Addressing common maths problems takes time and commitment, but the effort will be rewarded. Contact us and schedule a class with one of our private math tutors near you