Tutor Doctor in Australia is driven by our focus on delivering excellent customer service and helping students reach success.

A Few of Our Favourite Reviews

“Intelligent, capable tutors who are warm, friendly & engaging. Excellent organizational support and follow up. Detailed weekly report about the work the child did and future goals.”

Michelle L, Killara, Oct 20

“Hugh is understanding and very accommodating. Hugh listens to our needs and has been able to find the required tutors that we’ve been seeking.”

Nick H, Roseville, Oct 20

“Tutor doctor does an incredible job of matching students to a suitable tutor. The weekly reports after each session are also very informative ”

Anita F, Wahroonga, Sept 20

“Hugh matched my son so well to an outstanding tutor. I am a teacher myself and have been so impressed. ”

Kathryn E, Turramurra Aug 20

“The tutor is a good match for our boys, they enjoy sessions with him and we can see tangible outcomes at school”

Carolyn B, Lane Cove, July 20.

“Tutors are professional in appearance and approach. Our Tutor was well matched to both the needs of our son and from a personality perspective – was (is) a great fit. Straight forward and easy to deal with.”

Ellie W, Mosman, June 20

“Found Hugh to be very professional, caring and he has access to the BEST tutors that go above and beyond ”

Elizabeth B, June 20

“The aligning of tutors with the student. The tutor Dr takes the time to ensure the tutor and the student are best suited to each other. Has been a great success with my son.”

Kathy L, Willoughby, March 20

The staff are very professional and respectful, while maintaining a knowledge base to help my son. In the short time he has been working with his tutor he has gone from NEVER picking up a book to read to reading every night before bed. It’s been a complete transformation.”

Pam T, Nov 19